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Check out the whole squad with photos here 1985 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

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Q: Who was on the 1985 Dallas Cowboys Cheer Leading squad... there should be 36 names but I can only find 33?
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Who do the Dallas cheerleaders cheer for?

The Dallas Cowboys

How do you make a Dallas Cowboys cheer leading outfit for Halloween?

You could probably purchase an outfit resembling the DCCs' at Party City.

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What actor was married to a dallas cowboy cheer leader?

Actor Steve Howey who plays Kevin Ball on the Showtime series "Shameless," is married to actress and former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Sarah Shahi.

How long can you cheer on the Dallas cowboy team?

There is no time limit, although it is rare when a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader serves for five years or more. The last member of the squad to successfully audition for a sixth year is Trisha Trevino, who has been a Cowboys Cheerleader since the 2005 season.

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20-25 people

What do cheerleaders do for money?

No. As collegiate athletes/club members they can not be paid. That being said, good cheerleaders at the top schools like U Kentucky are on full cheer scholarships. Other than that, the only money that cheerleaders receive (legally) is from their school/NCAA is for travel expenses and that is minimal. When they cheer for a team that makes tournament, they get a little bit more for a travel allowance as the team proceeds to the next round in each tournament.

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