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20-25 people

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Q: How many people should you have on a cheer leading team?
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How many people in a cheer leading squad?

about 20

Why should people do cheer-leading?

Because it is a great SPORT and lots of fun!! Many people think it's stupid and not a sport but it most definitely is.

How many people watch cheerleading?

a lot of people watch cheer leading so if you are going to be a cheerleader do not be scared to have a lot of people in front of you.

Who many different cheer teams are in the us?

10000000+ still forming new cheer-leading teams

How many cheerleaders can a cheer-leading squad hold?

As many as you can get. The more people you have the more stunt groups you can have and the more points you can score.

How many cheerleaders are on Clemson cheer leading squad?

0 athletes.

How many people do cheer?

A lot

Can dogs help people?

Yes. many dogs help by leading the blind, going to hospitals to cheer up everyone, etc. They also cheer people up, Studies have shown that people who have a pet dog live longer and are more sociologically happy then those who don't.

How many people have joined cheer?

Countlessly many.

How many people participate in cheer leading?

There are thousands of people who participate in cheerleading in California alone. It is estimated that the national average is about 500 thousand people who participate in some form of cheerleading each year.

How many muscles do you use in cheer leading?

cheer will work every muscle in your body... between running tumbling stunting jumping and dancing. even your diaphragm from yelling.

Is flying the most dangerous part of cheer-leading?

maybe but, there are many other dangerous parts of cheerleading

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