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Petr Cech for Chelsea and Edwin Van Der Sar for United.

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Q: Who was in the goal for man utd v Chelsea?
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Who have man utd beat in champians league finals?

1968 v Benfica 1999 v Bayern Munich 2008 v Chelsea

Who scored in all of these Man Utd v Man City Liverpool v Everton and Rangers v Celtic?

Andrei Kanchelskis, for Man Utd, Everton and Rangers.

How much is an unused 2007 FA Cup Final Man Utd v Chelsea ticket worth the first at the new Wembley Stadium.?


How much is man utd v Chelsea champions league final 2008 moscow programme signed by all players worth?

About 1 million dollars

Why is the Chelsea game not shown on ITV like Man Utd and Arsenal?

The reason why ITV did not show the Chelsea v Barcelona game is because they didn't hold the rights for it. The are currently operating a game share system with Sky Sports.

How much is a 1932 chelsea v sheffield utd programme worth in good condition?


Did pennant score for Liverpool v man utd?


Who played in all of these Newcastle Utd FC v Sunderland AFC Tottenham Hotspur FC v Arsenal FC Man City FC v Man Utd FC and Liverpool FC v Everton?

rhys Dowinton

What players have played in Liverpool v everton man utd v man city and tottenham v arsenal?

Nicolas Anelka and Paul Stewart.

What was the size of the crowd at man utd v sunderland 1974?


What is most watched soccer match ever?

liverpool v man utd

Who scored the 1st goal for Liverpool in the priemiership?


How much would a man utd v benfica 1968 European cup final 45 vinyl record sell for?

How much would a man utd v benfica 1968 european cup final 45 vinyl record sell for?

Who scored the top 5 fastest premiership goals?

Eddie King - West Brom V West Ham 4.01 secs Ray Stewart - Arsenal V Portsmouth 5.21 secs Reggie Vswqych - Chelsea V Spurrs 5.33 secs Earl Bracker - Man Utd V Man City 5mins 33secs Flavio Del Bosque - Swindon Town V Nottm Forrest 15mins 45secs

Is Celtic v man utd on british tv?

if utd's friendlies are on tv they will be on mutv. not sky sports and not terrestrial. i don't have mutv so can't be more specific. sorry

How much is a man utd v Brighton fa cup final program worth?

£3000 to the person

The first premiership scorer was?

brian dean for sheffield united v man utd at bramhall lane

You have scored for man utd against Liverpool and Liverpool against man utd won a premiership title with London club have won trophies in Spain Scotland and Italy but never played for my country?

Jermaine Pennant, an og for Liverpool v Man Utd and was born in Jamaica penn ant was born in Nottingham not jamica

Who scored the last premier league goal of the last millennium?

Jody Morris Chelsea v sheffield Wednesday

Who was the first American to win an English F A cup winners medal?

Tim howard man utd v millwall

How much is a Man Utd v Liverpool 1910 programme worth?

its worth around 16,000 sterling for a mint copy

Who is better Torres or rio Ferdinand?

Torres is better. He has won the European Championship with his country scoring the winning goal in the final. He also destroyed Ferdinand in the last Man Utd v Liverpool game, prompting another prolonged absence for Ferdinand due to "injury".

Man Utd v AC Milan?

yes because they play better football and have better players such as Ronaldinho, Pirlo etc

How much is a 1968 12 LP of the European Cup between Man Utd v Benfica worth?

Between $50,000-$100,000

Who scored first in the 2009 2010 prem?

Stephen Hunt scored the first goal of the Premiership season for Hull v Chelsea.