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Q: How much is a 1932 chelsea v sheffield utd programme worth in good condition?
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How much is an original spurs v Chelsea fa cup final 1967 programme worth?

Sorry only £15

How much is a 1953 FA cup final programme in mint condition worth?

a lot

How much is a 1933 fa cup final programme worth?

A 1933 FA Cup Final Programme should be about £550 in reasonably good condition.

What is a 1937 scottish cup final programme worth?

about £700 in a private deal depending on condition

How much is a Manchester United v Sheffield program 1958 worth?

The value of all football programmes depend greatly on their condition. A very good condition football league programme from that year would fetch between £3-£6, whilst a mint condition could fetch in excess of £10.

How much is man utd v Chelsea champions league final 2008 moscow programme signed by all players worth?

About 1 million dollars

How much is a 1923 fa cup final programme between Bolton and west ham worth?

Its value is wot someone is willing to pay for it and also depends on the condition of the programme

How much is a 1946 FA cup final programme in very good condition worth?

�250.00 - however there are reprints around which do not stipluate 'Reprint' on the actual programme. Good Luck

How much is a 1937 fa cup final programme in very good condition worth?

Keep it their really rare I say that's worth about £650

How much 1966 world cup programme worth?

from about £30 for one in a poor state up to £250+ in great condition

How much is a 1950 fa cup final programme and ticket stub in great condition between arsenal and Liverpool worth?


What is a football players testimonial program worth?

Hi! I am a football programme collector I have a Ole Solksjaer testimonial programme They would be worth alot more than a normal programme It really depends on the team and how long the player was with the club I would say it would definatly be worth over £5 up to £20 It also depends on the age and condition (the older the better) I hope that i have been of some help to you :~)