Who was in the euro 2008?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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No English teams was in euro 2008

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Q: Who was in the euro 2008?
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How many goals in euro 2008?

there were 62 goals scored at the euro 2008

Where was euro cup 2008 held?

Euro 2008 was held in Austria and Switzerland.

Which country was the euro soccer champion 2008?

Spain won Euro 2008

Registration code UEFA euro 2008 PC?

uefa euro registracion code 2008

Which country won 2008 Euro football cup?

Spain won the 2008 Euro cup.

Which team won euro 2008?

Spain. Euro 2008-spain. World Cup 2010-spain. Euro 2012-spain. So powerful.

Who was the worst team on europeada 2008?

If it is Euro 2008 , then it is Greece, as they were knocked out early. Mind you they won the Euro 2004.

Runner up and winner of EURO 2008?

The winner of the Euro 2008 was Spain, the Runner up was Germany.

Who has the tv rights to show euro 2008 in Britain?

bbc, itv and british eurosport have the rights to euro 2008 in Britain

Fernando Torres won Euro 2008 with which country?

Fernando Torres won the Euro 2008 with his country team Spain.

When was Euro-Mediterranean University created?

Euro-Mediterranean University was created in 2008.

In which edition of the Euro did the Russian football team make the semifinals?

Euro 2008