Which country won 2008 Euro football cup?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Spain won the 2008 Euro cup.

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Q: Which country won 2008 Euro football cup?
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Which football cup won by Spain in 2008?

European Championships (Euro 2008)

Which country won the euro cup in football three times?


Which country was beat Germany in Euro cup 2008?

Spain was the winner in 2008.

Which country win the euro cup in football 3 times?

Germany was the first country to win the European cup three times.

What does the winning team of the 2008 euro cup get?

The winning country gets an automatic bid to the next world cup.

Where was euro cup 2008 held?

Euro 2008 was held in Austria and Switzerland.

Who was the winner of euro cup in 2004?

This was the biggest surprise in football. Greece won the 2004 Euro cup.

Has Spain ever won the Euro Cup?

Spain won the 1964 and 2008 Euro Cup.

Which cups are associated with football?

Fifa world cup euro cup

Which country won the Asian football Confederation Challenge Cup 2008?


What country as the 2008 euro cup?

i believe it was either Barcelona or Manchester united, i think Manchester took that one

Did Greece win the Euro Cup?

Yes, Greece won the UEFA European Football Championship (Euro Cup) in 2004.