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Nick Willis (opening) and Mahe Drysdale (closing)

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2012-09-20 17:48:15
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Q: Who was given the honour of carrying the new zealands flag this 2012 Olympics?
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The Olympic Games were given their name after Olympia where the games first took place at 776 BCE in order to honour the Olympian God Zeus/ Dias [Ζεύς/ Δίας].

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2,300 in the 2012 London Olympics. 302 gold

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they where given celery leaves and beutiful flower crowns they had statues made in their honour and if they where from Athens they got free food for life. some even became members of the royal council. they sometimes even had poems writen for them in their honour as well. Medals were not awarded at the Modern Games until 1904. Victors were awarded a cup or trophy. G_3

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