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laverneus coles

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โˆ™ 2009-07-10 17:42:09
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Q: Who was drafted to the Bengals but was waved by the jets this year?
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What year did mark sanchez go to the jets?

He was drafted by the Jets in 2009.

Which team did Joe Namath start his career?

The Jets. He was drafted by the Jets in 1965 and played for them for all but one year of his career - his final year was as a backup with the Rams.

Can the Bengals go to the Super Bowl?

If they defeat the Jets, this week, they will have a chance. Yes, and they'll need to buy tickets just like all the other spectators. (24-14, Jets) Maybe next year.

What year was Chad Ochocino Drafted into the NFL?

He was pick number 36 in the 2001 NFL Draft to the Cincinnati Bengals. He played college at Oregon State.

When was the last time the jets won 2 playoff games?

Prior to the 2009 season playoffs when the Jets defeated the Bengals and Patriots, the last time the Jets won two playoff games in one season was the 1982 season playoffs when they defeated the Bengals and Raiders and then lost to the Dolphins in the AFC Championship game. The Jets also won two playoff games in the 1968 season. That year they defeated the Raiders in the AFL championship game and the Colts in Super Bowl III.

What year was the US Constitution drafted in?

It was drafted in the year 1787.

Who was drafted form Georgia this year?

Anthony Richardson was drafted this year

What year did the Cincinnati Bengals start?


Number one defense in the NFL for the year 2009?

Ravens Wrong it is the New York Jets. Number one overall defense in the NFL. Im not sure who it is now. But last week it was the CINCINNATI BENGALS.

Will Cincinnati Bengals play the Seattle Seahawks next year?

no because Bengals are AFC seahawks are in the NFC

What year did the packers lose to in the Super Bowl?

1998 they lost to the Bengals the score was Bengals 34 packers 25

When was the last year the Bengals made the playoffs?


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