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Q: Will the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl this year?
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What year was the last Cincinnati Bengals super bowl?

The Bengals have made two Super Bowl appearances, 1981 and 1988 seasons. They lost both.

What year did the 49ers win their first Super Bowl?

1982 (Super Bowl XVI) They played the Cincinnati Bengals in Pontiac MI and won 26-21

What year was Super Bowl sixteen?

Super Bowl XVI was played January 24, 1982. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21.

Since their establishment in 1968 what conference championships has the Cincinnati Bengals appeared in?

The Cincinnati Bengals won their conference championships in 1981 against the Chargers, but lost in the Super Bowl game that year. The Bengals also won their championship in 1988, but again lost in the Super Bowl. They have not appeared in a conference championship game since 1988.

What year did the bengals win the super bowl?

Despite appearances in Super Bowls XVI and XXIII (both times against the San Francisco 49ers), the Cincinnati Bengals have never won an NFL championship.

What year did the packers lose to in the Super Bowl?

1998 they lost to the Bengals the score was Bengals 34 packers 25

Will Cincinnati Bangles go to the Super Bowl this year?


What year did Cincinnati go to the Super Bowl?

1982 and 1989

What year did San Francisco play Cincinnati in the super bowl?


Who did the Washington Redskins play in 1982 Super Bowl?

They did not play in the Super Bowl that year. San Francisco beat Cincinnati 26-21 that year.

What year did the Cincinnati Bengals start?


What year did the 49ers win the super bowl in Miami?

The 49ers have won two Super Bowls in Miami ... Super Bowl XXIII (January 22, 1989) over the Bengals and Super Bowl XXIX (January 29, 1995) over the Chargers.

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