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Tyson's first professional loss was to Buster Douglas for the IBF/WBA/WBC heavyweight titles in 1990.

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hector mercedes, in march 1985.

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He lost to James 'Buster' Douglas in February 2nd 1990.

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Q: Who was Mike Tyson first professional fight against?
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Did Muhammad Ali ever fight Mike Tyson?

No as Ali has parkinson disease of the hands it is not possible.

The weight of Mike Tyson on his first heavyweight fight?

Tyson weighed 214 when he fough hector Mercedes in his first pro fight in 1985.

How many professional fights did Mike Tyson have?

The first time Mike Tyson was knocked down was in his 38th professional bout against James 'Buster' Douglas on February 11th 1990, with the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world on the line. Tyson was counted out by the referee when Douglas knocked him down for the first time in his career in the 10th round, despite Douglas being dropped in the 8th round.

What was the most breaking news in boxing history?

The biggest and most publicized boxing news story was probably Mike Tyson's fight against evander holyfield in which he got his ear bit off. Supposed to be a rematch from their first fight at MGM.

Who was Tyson's first professional opponent?

Hector Mercedes had that honour, has the pro records of both.

Where did Mike Tyson vs trevor berbick take place?

The fight between James 'Buster' Douglas and Mike Tyson took place on February 11th 1990 in the Tokyo Doem, Tokyo Japan. Douglas caused what could be described as the biggest boxing upset of all time when he knocked Tyson down in the 10th round for the first time in his career in his 39th professional bout. Tyson was counted out by the referee, resulting in his first professional loss and Douglas being crowned the new undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

When was Muhammad Ali's first fight?

Ali's first fight was in 1960 Oct 29 in Louisville vs Tunney Hunsaker. He won in round sixMuhammed Ali's first professional fight was against Tunney Hunsaker on October 29, 1960.Ali even attended Tunney's funeral in 2005.

Events of 1995?

Mike Tyson's first fights since leaving prison Manny Pacquiao turned professional @ Jr Flyweight aged 16. Evander Holyfield losed to Riddick Bowe for the second time in their three fight series. George Foreman defends his world title controversially against Axel Schultz Marco Antonio Berrera wins his first world title.

Who did Mike Tyson fight before buster Douglas?

Carl "The Truth" Williams, July 31 1989. Tyson won in 93 seconds of the first round in Atlantic City NJ.

Who did Jon Jones fight against in his first fight?

Brandon Verao

Was mike Tyson in the UFC?

No. Mike Tyson was not in the UFC. He was a professional boxer whereas UFC hosts mixed martial arts fights. Mike Tyson was a former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion who was known for his first round knock-outs. Tyson has made multiple appearances in the WWE but has not appeared in the UFC

What Mike Tyson get paid a fight?

He got paid $23 million for the M Spinks fight, 10 million for the Tony Tubbs Fight, and somewhere in between for most of his championship fights first time around.