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The fight between James 'Buster' Douglas and Mike Tyson took place on February 11th 1990 in the Tokyo Doem, Tokyo Japan. Douglas caused what could be described as the biggest boxing upset of all time when he knocked Tyson down in the 10th round for the first time in his career in his 39th professional bout. Tyson was counted out by the referee, resulting in his first professional loss and Douglas being crowned the new undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

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Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas 1986-11-22

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Q: Where did Mike Tyson vs trevor berbick take place?
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Who did Mike Tyson knockout to become the youngest heavyweight champ?

Trevor Berbick

Who did Mike Tyson defeat to be become the youngest heavyweight boxing champion ever?

Trevor Berbick On November 22, 1986, Tyson was given his first title fight against Trevor Berbick for the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight championship. Tyson won the title by second round TKO, and at the age of 20 years and 4 months became the youngest heavyweight champion in history

Who did Mike Tyson lose to in boxing?

He won the WBC Heavyweight Championship of the World when he stopped Trevor Berbick in the 2nd round on November 22, 1986.

Who is the youngest current world boxing champion?

It is Mike Tyson when he was fighting with Trevor Berbick He became the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

What age was Mike Tyson when he won the world championship?

He was 20 when he won the wbc title from the late Trevor Berbick in Nov 1986.

Did Muhammad Ali ever fight Mike Tyson?

No as Ali has parkinson disease of the hands it is not possible.

What movie and television projects has Trevor Berbick been in?

Trevor Berbick has: Played himself in "HBO World Championship Boxing" in 1973. Played himself in "Biography" in 1987. Played himself in "Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson" in 1993. Played himself in "ESPN Friday Night Fights" in 1998. Played himself in "Tyson" in 2008.

Who is Trever Berbick?

Trevor berbick is a former WBC heavyweight titleholder, and is only one of two men to fight both Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, sort of bridging the two era's. He tragically died a few years ago.

Who did Mike Tyson win his first heavyweight belt from?

Tyson was an Amateur Heavyweight for several years before having his 1st pro bout as a heavyweight against Hector Mercedes on March 6, 1985, with Tyson winning by a 1st round knockout. (1:50).

How old was Mike Tyson when he won his first world championship?

20 He was born on June 30, 1966 and he won his 1st Title on November 22, 1986.

Who is the youngest ever winner of the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship?

Mike Tyson was the youngest man to ever win a heavyweight boxing title but Floyd Patterson is the youngest ever undisputed world champion, though Patterson never fought in the multi commission ruled era of the WBC, WBA, & IBF.

Who were the boxers that beat Mike Tyson?

There were over 50, Larry Holmes, Andrew Golota, Trevor Berbick, Michael Spinks......Carl (The Truth) Williams, Frank Bruno (twice), Bruce Seldon, Peter McNeeley, James (Bonecrusher) Smith, Tony Tucker (barely), Tony Tubbs, Buster Mathias Jr.,