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Q: Who was MVP for the U.S Women Olympic Volleyaball team?
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Who was the olympic basketball team mvp?

kobe bryant

Who was the 1992 olympic basketball mvp?


In sports what is an mvp?

'MVP' refers to the Most Valuable Player on a team.

Mvp was indicated into the basketball hall of fame?

Michael Jordan was the five team league mvp

Who is the head coach of the Philippine national women's volleyball team?

the head coach of RP women national volleyball team is former Southeast Asian games MVP Thelma Barina-Rojas.

What skill do you have to be an effective team player?

an MVP

How you get the MVP Title in mw2?

There is no MVP title. There is an MVP Assassin title, and you earn it by killing the #1 player on the enemy team 10 times in a row.

What is a MVP used for?

MVP stands for "Most Valuable Player." It is given to the teammate that contributed the most to the team.

Does Ryan miller suck?

noo he was the olympic mvp and won the vezina trophy! he is a beast

Who won the MVP in the 2002 Olympic Gold Medal Mens Hockey?

Joe Sakic

What team does mvp support for?

Most Valuable Player

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl V?

AnswerLinebacker Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys was the MVP of Super Bowl V. Howley is the only MVP to be named from a losing team.

Which NFL team has the most MVP player winners?


What does MVP mean on a basketball team?

Most Valuable Player.

How many awards did Kobe Bryant get?

Kobe Bryant has won six medals as of 2014. He has won two gold Olympic Medal for the US National Team, and he has won four All-Star MVP awards.

What is the value of a chuck howley mvp super bowl Pro Set card?

not sure but the raiders were the first wid card team to win the super bowl and chuck howley was the only player to win MVP on a losing team and was the first defensive MVP

Only MVP for a Super Bowl that lost the game?

Linebacker Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys was the MVP of Super Bowl V and the only player to be named MVP from a losing team.

What does MVP stand for in crossfire?

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, in Crossfire. You get this award for having the most kills for your team, after a match.

Can an athlete win an MVP in his sport if his team does not make the playoffs?

of course, If the player that is chosen did not make the playoffs, he will win the MVP award.

What team has the most Super Bowl MVP Awards?

The Dallad Cowboys have the most winners of the Super Bowl MVP Award with 7.

What team has more AP MVP Awards?

The Colts have the most with 0

Who is the one player who own MVP on losing team?

Mike Tyson

What are the odds that if you start on a SEC football team that you will be an MVP?

It depends on what position.

Only nba mvp not to play on a championship team?

Steve Nash

Who received MVP for the US men basketball team?

lebron james