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Linebacker Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys was the MVP of Super Bowl V and the only player to be named MVP from a losing team.

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Q: Only MVP for a Super Bowl that lost the game?
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How many Super Bowl wins do the Carolina Panthers have?

None. The Panthers lost the only Super Bowl they attended, Super Bowl XXXVIII following the 2003 season. They lost the game to the New England Patriots 32-29.

Was there a Super Bowl MVP that lost the game?

Yes Linebacker Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys is the only player from a losing team to be named MVP of the Super Bowl.

What is the only team that failed to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl game?

It was on January 16, 1972(or super bowl VI). The Dolphins only scored 3 points in the entire game.

Why cant the jets get to the Super Bowl?

They don't suck. They just lost the game, eliminating them from move on to the super bowl.

How many times have the bears lost the super bowl?

They've only lost the Super Bowl one time when they lost to the Indianopolis Colts 29-17.

Who was the first African American quarterback to play in super bowl game and was named mvp in Super Bowl xxii?

To date, the only black QB to win a Super Bowl is Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins (MVP of Super Bowl XXII). However, Williams was not the only black quarterback to play in the Super Bowl. Donovan McNabb quarterbacked the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX but lost to the Patriots.

Who was the first coach to both win and lose a super bowl game?

Hank Stram of the Kansas City Chiefs who lost Super Bowl I and won Super Bowl IV.

When is last time Atlanta Falcons win the super bowl?

The Atlanta Falcons have never won a Super Bowl. In their only Super Bowl appearance in 1999, they lost to the Denver Broncos, 34-19.

How many Super Bowl have th chargers won?

Zero. They lost to the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX 49-26, which was their only Super Bowl appearance.

Which NFL quarterback have Super Bowl rings with different teams?

No quarterback has won the Super Bowl with different teams. The only player to take two separate teams to the Super Bowl is quarterback Craig Morton. He led the 1970 Dallas Cowboys to the big game, but lost to the Baltimore Colts 16-13. He later led the 1977 Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl, but lost the game to the Dallas Cowboys 27-10.

Has any team not scored in a Super Bowl game?

No, the fewest points scored in a Super Bowl is 3 by the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI. They lost to the Cowboys, 24-3.

Did the panthers ever play a Super Bowl game?

They played in Super Bowl XXXVIII (38) against the Patriots and lost 32-29.