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Q: When did football clubs first have advertisements on their shirts?
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Which was the first football club in the world?

actually there were older clubs then these modern clubs which was i univers

Who was Liverpool football clubs first million pound football player?


Football in 1860?

The Lausanne Football and Cricket Club was founded in 1860. This was one of the first clubs to play football.

Where have there been instances where football clubs have helped out other football clubs in any way?

i English football. or real football, my team Birmingham city borrowed our hated neighbours the money to buy their first set of floodlights

Which football team was the first to wear sponsors on their shirts?

Liverpool. 1978 - Hitachi

Who was Portsmouth football club first manager?

Portsmouth football clubs first manager was Frank Brettlell from the seasons of August 1898-May 1901

Who was Nottingham forest football clubs first million pound football player?

Trevor Francis, signed from Birmingham in 1979.

Who was the first football transfer over 100 000 between English clubs?

Denis Law

What shirts will England football team wear at world cup 2010?

England usually play in white shirts and black shorts as first choice, but their second color is red shirts and shorts as well.

When did people first begin to play football?

People first started to play football in the United States around 1850. Professional football started around 1890 with the formation of teams and owner's clubs.

Who was the first football team to win the fa cup wearing striped shirts?

Coventry City 1987

When was rangers football clubs first champions league?

Glasgow Rangers have never won the Champions League.

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