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Sir Donald Bradman, was the greatest australian cricketer, (doing homework and found it out! LOL) Good luck you!

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Sir Don Bradman.

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Q: Who was Australia's greatest ever cricketer?
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Who is australias most famous cricketer?

Sir Don Bradman is widely regarded as the greatest ever cricketer with a test average of 99.94.

Australia's greatest ever cricketer was sir Donald?

Sir Donald

What was Donald bradmans achievements?

Donald George Bradman from Australia was the greatest batsman who ever lived. Also, he was the greatest cricketer of the 20th Century.

Which is best cricketer?

Sir Donald Bradman of Australia is considered to be the greatest cricketer ever, In your dreams.Michael Jenkins Is definitely one of the best, If not the best cricketer in the world. If you want to see him in action, just go the

Name the greatest cricketer in the world?

I think the greatest cricketer of all time was Sir Donald Bradman, and the greatest bowler was Shane WarneKdvs99

Who is worlds greatest cricketer?

Sachin Tendulkar Michael Vaughan was the world's greatest cricketer until he retired yesterday.

Who do you think is the greatest cricketer ever in the world?

in test no doubt it is one and onely BRADMAN in one day international it is SACHIN

Is sachin tendulkar the greatest cricketer?

Yes, Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest cricketer. He is known as the "God of Cricket" among his fans.

The greatest cricketer in the world?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who is the greatest cricketer?

imran khan but ansar better

What were Dr Carmen Lawrence's main achievements?

Becoming Australias first ever Premier and was Premier in WA.

Who is the greatest and the second greatest cricketer of India?

''Kapil Dev'' is one of the greatest cricket players of India. and 2nd is ''Sachin Tendulkar''..