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Sachin Tendulkar till today

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Q: Which cricketer is rated the worlds greatest batsman?
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Which cricketer is rated the world's best batsman?

Adam gilchrist

Who is the best batsman on the Indian cricket team?

sachin is the best Indian batsman ever. He is also rated as the second greatest batsman of altime after the great sir don bradman. In a country like India cricket is a religion sachin is God. Most of the people in India don't know the prime minister but know who sachin ramesh tendulker.

Which cricketer is rated as the world's leading?

I think it's Graeme Swann

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Who is best cricketer and the lastest in the world?

Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson are the best and latest cricketer in the world. And A.B de Villiers and Hashim Amla are rated currently best in the world.

Who is the best cricket player in India?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar born 24 April 1973 is an Indian cricketer widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. He is the leading run-scorer and century maker in Test and one-day international cricket. He is the only male player to score a double century in the history of ODI cricket. In 2002, just 12 years into his career, Wisden ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time, behind Donald Bradman, and the second greatest one-day-international (ODI) batsman of all time, behind Viv Richards. In September 2007, the Australian leg spinner Shane Warne rated Tendulkar as the greatest player he has played with or against. Tendulkar was the only player of the current generation to be included in Bradman's ElevenHe is sometimes referred to as Little Master or Master Blaster.Tendulkar is seen as an inspiration not only by cricketers but also by many other international sportspersons.

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