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Q: Who took the first three pointer in the world?
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Where was the first football world cup took place?

The first world cup took place i Uruguay in 1930.

Who took the first photograph?

Joseph Niepce took the world's first photograph in 1826.

How many different countries took part in first world cup?

13 countries took part of the first world cup.

What are three events that athletes took part in when the first Olympics first took place?

Chariot races, Foot races, Javelin/Discus.

Where was the first World Cup?

The first world cup took place in Uruguay and Uruguay won as well

How was the first person to sail around the world?

The first person to sail around the world alone was Captain Joshua Slocum in his 37ft sloop the "Spray". He was 51 years old and the voyage took him three years to complete.

When was the first three pointer shot made in basketball?

The first three point shot in basketball was made in 1945 at the collegiate level in a game between Fordham and Columbia, but it is unknown who took it. Various professional leagues used it as early as 1961, but not on a consistent basis. The ABA used it before their merger with the NBA. The first NBA three point shot is credited to Chris Ford of the Celtics, but it is believed that Kevin Grevey of the Bullets hit the first three point shot earlier in the same day, October 12, 1979.

What was the first country the Germany took over?

Before World War II, the first country that Germany took over was Austria.

What did the first triumvirate do?

In 60 BC the three men took over the Roman Republic as the first triumvirate.

Where was the 1930 World Cup?

The 1930 World Cup took place in Uruguay and was the first World Cup

Who won the first t20 world cup and when?

India won the first t20 world cup.It took place in 2007.

How long did it take to get to rio de janerio on the first fleet?

It took about three months.

How was the first voyage around the world take?

It took about 1 year

Where was the first cricket world cup played outside England?

The first three Cricket World Cups, in 1975, 1979, and 1983, all took place in England. The fourth competition, in 1987, was shared between India and Pakistan. The champions were Australia, for whom this was their first Cricket World Cup title.

How did the World Cup start?

The first world cup was in 1930 and 13 teams took part

The first world cup tournement to take place?

The first world cup took place in Uruguay in 1930. Uruguay won.

Who was the player to take first wicket in world cup 1975?

Mohandar Amarnath took first wicket in world cup 1975

How long did it take Magellan to sail around the world?

It took three years. (1519-1522)

How many people did it take to work the flamethrower in world war 1?

it took three i think

What three events the athletes took part in when the Olympics first began?

it was the sprinting then discuss and then wrestling

What is Neil Gaiman's first book?

A Duran Duran biography that took him three months to write.

How did Columbus describe the inhabitants of the new world?

first as friendly then took advantage of them.

Who took the first hat-trick in the Cricket World Cup?

Chetan Sharma was the first to take a hat-trick in the World Cup in 1987.

What war took place first Civil war world war1 or American revolution?

If you mean the US civil war then the Revolutionary war took place the first.

Who took first place in the World Cup 2010?

The World Cup 2010 was located in South Africa and lasted from June to July. Spain took the overall first place out of all the countries. Netherlands came in second.