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The bowler was Hollie but he did not bowl the Don out. Don Bradman, himself states that he played the ball on by hitting an inside edge.

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Q: Who took Sir Don Bradman's wicket in his last innings against England?
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Who is the 10 wicket takers in one innings?

Anil Kumble (India) -10-74 against Pakistan in 1999 at New Delhi. Jim Laker (England)-10-57 against Australia in 1956 at Manchester.

Who was Shane Warne's last wicket against England?

Shane Warne's last wicket in Test matches against England was that of Andrew Flintoff, on January 4, 2007.

In a test wicket match what is the most innings a side can have?

In a test match a bteam can have only two innings.

Who are the 7 wicket takers in world cup in one innings?


Which Pakistani cricketer took most wicket in a innings in one day world cup cricket?

Wasim Akram took most wicket in a innings in one day world cup cricket.

Who took don bradmans wicket more often than any other bowler?

Shahid Afridi...(by biting the ball)

What is the highest ever second innings run chase test score at the oval?

298, England vs Pakistan, The Oval, 17/8/2006, England won by 1 wicket

What is called a 5 wicket haul in cricket?

A single bowler taking 5 wickets in an innings is called "a 5 wicket haul"

What is South Africa's highest 10th wicket partnership in Test cricket?

South Africa's highest tenth-wicket partnership in Test cricket is 103 runs, achieved between Tuppy Owen-Smith and Sandy Bell in July 1929 against England. Owen-Smith finished the innings with a Test innings best of 129 runs. Bell's contribution of 26 runs was his best in all Test matches.

What do you call to be at the wicket without being dismissed for an entire innings?

An opening batsman that started an innings and finishes not out can be said to have carried his bat.

Who scored England's first century in Test cricket?

England's first Test cricket century, an innings of 152, was scored by WG Grace against Australia in the fifth Test match between the two teams, which took place in 1880. Australian Billy Murdoch outscored this score in the same match by a single run, scoring 153 not out in the second Australian innings, though this did not prevent a five-wicket victory by England.

Record of how many wickets in one inning taken by Anil Kumble?

kumble takes 10 wicket in innings against pakistan on Delhi's Firosha kotla ground.

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