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The ceremonial first pitch was by President Bush. The first pitch of the game was by Curt Schilling.

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Q: Who threw the first pitch in 2001 World Series?
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Who threw the first pitch at the 2001 World Series?

The most noted first pitch in the 2001 World Series was in game three when President George Bush threw out the first pitch.

Who threw out the first pitch at the 2009 World Series?

Barack Obama

Who threw first pitch at 2000 World Series?

why do u need to knoww...

Who threw the starting pitch in the first game of the 2009 World Series?

C.C. Sabitha

Who threw out the first pitch at the 2001 World Series?

bill Clinton

Who threw the opening pitch or ceremonial pitch for the 1990 World Series?

Amy Burwinkel

Who threw the final pitch in the 2008 world series?

Brad Lidge

Who threw the first pitch in the 1903 World Series?

Cy Young of the Boston Americans to Ginger Beaumont of the Pittsburgh Pirates. I don't know the disposition of the pitch but can say that Beaumont ended the first World Series at bat by flying out to center field.

Who threw the last pitch for the twins in the 1987 world series?

Jeff Reardon

When was the first time Cy Young pitched in the World Series?

Game 1 of the 1903 World Series for the Boston Americans against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Boston. 1903 being the first year of the World Series, Young threw the first pitch in WS history.

Who threw the winning pitch at the World Series 2008?

brad lidge, closer Philadelphia phillies

Who threw the first pitch of the 2010 World Series?

The ceremonial first pitches before Game 1 of the World Series were performed by Hall of Famers Monte Irvin, Orlando Cepeda, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry. The starting first pitch was thrown by Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants.

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