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White makes the first move

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Q: Who strats in a game of chess the black player or the white player?
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Who starts in game of chess the black player or the white player?

White has the distinction and privilege of having the first move in chess .

Who starts in a game of chess the black players or the white players?

the white player

What do they call the start of a chess game?

The "opening moves" begin a chess game. The first opening move goes to the player of the white pieces, followed by a defensive move by the player of the black pieces.

Who starts first in chess?

The player with the white pieces starts first in chess.

In chess who goes first black or white?

the white goes first.

How black coloumns are there in one chess board?

there are no black columns on a chess board they are all black and white there is no column that is just black. there are 32 black squares

What is name of Black and white squares on a chess board?

They are called "black squares" and "white squares".

Who starts in game of chess the black or white player?

chess is a board gameit has total 64 squares32 squares for both white and blackthe pieces r the elephant,horse,minister,king and the queenin the game the white starts firstchess is played by 2 people [for those who don't know]chess was created in INDIAAnswerThe player who has the white pieces goes first.

What board is chess played on?

Chess is played on an 8x8 board with interchanging black and white spaces.

Why in chess started with white?

because it is attack black is for diffence

What 2 colors make up a chess board?

white and black or tan and black or white and grey it differs

What colors are there on a chess board?

Opposing colors; typically black and white

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