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The player with the white pieces starts first in Chess.

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Q: Who starts first in chess?
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Related questions

Who starts in a chess game?

White plays first in a game of chess.

Who starts first chess?

It is usually the White that go first in chess, but some people just flip a coin :)

Who starts in a game of chess the black pieces or the white pieces?

The white team starts first. You might flip a coin to decide who will get white.The white side according to the rules of chess starts first ; white has the first move .

What piece starts first in chess?

Either a knight or pawn can make the first move.

Who starts in game of chess the black player or the white player?

White has the distinction and privilege of having the first move in chess .

Why does the white side of the board move first in the game of chess?

In 1889 , Wilhelm Steinitz who was the 1st World Chess Champion wrote that in all international and public Chess matches/tournaments it is the rule for the first player to have the white side and the first move . Since then white always starts the game .

What are the basic chess rules on the website Chess Teacher?

The basic chess rules on the Chess Teacher website begin for those who already know how the chess pieces move. It is explained on here where each chess piece must be placed to start the game. A refresher on which player starts first and what 'moves' are permitted on the board can also be found on this page.

When was chess computer first used?

A chess computer is a machine that can play chess without human input. The first stand alone chess computer was the Chess Challenger which was first used in 1977.

Where does the river chess start?

It starts from a source

Which color goes first in chess?

White moves first in chess.

Where was the game of chess first played?

The first game of chess was played in India.

What was the first computer that could play chess called?

The first chess computer that could play chess was called Deep Blue.

What is a corner chess piece called?

when you say corner chess piece, do u mean the piece tht starts in the four corners of the chess board, if so then that is called a rook.

Which country invented chess game first?

Chess originated from India.

What game starts with a c?

Chess, Checkers, Cricket, Croquet.

When was chess first come into shops?

Chess first came to shops in the 1500's. :)

Who is the First Indian chess champion?

The first Indian chess champion is/was Vishy Anand

Who won the first championship of chess?

Wilhelm Steinitz of Austria was the first world chess champion.

What were the first chess pieces made from?

The first chess peice was made out of wood back in 1638.

Where was the game of chess played first?

Chess originated in India.

Who starts in game of chess the black or white player?

chess is a board gameit has total 64 squares32 squares for both white and blackthe pieces r the elephant,horse,minister,king and the queenin the game the white starts firstchess is played by 2 people [for those who don't know]chess was created in INDIAAnswerThe player who has the white pieces goes first.

Who was the first American world chess champion?

The first American World Chess Champion was Robert Fisher.

In chess as white piece is moved first?

In the game of chess the white pieces always move first.

Which Country Invented Chess?

India invented chess first time.

When did Etta James first go to chess records?

Her first chart hit on Chess was "If I can't have you" in August 1960.