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i think the Chinese started a sport like soccer then other countries just kept adding on.

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Q: Who started or invented soccer?
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Related questions

Who started the soccer?

Japanese invented and started soccer.

When was soccer invented in Italy?

soccer was not invented in Italy it was invented in England

How did soccer get invented?

people in china started to kick straw balls into basketball hoops. the English then played it in the water and then combined it and got soccer. English were the goalkeepers and Chinese were the out field

Did Pele invent soccer?

No Pele didn't invented soccer. China invented soccer in 1258. Though Pele invented some rules in soccer. Like, man of the match, possession and things like that. Thing Pele didn't invented soccer. It was CHina

When was the soccer ball invented?

The soccer ball was invented around 1681

Who and when was soccer invented?

It was made in 1883 but nobody knows who invented soccer

When was soccer invented in England?

i think soccer was invented in 1633 or 1643

When was soccer invented and who?

It was made in 1883 but nobody knows who invented soccer

How old was Randolph when he invented soccer?

he as only 72 when he invented soccer or football

Who invented the sport soccer?

soccer was invented by the united kingdome in the 1800's

Where was football soccer invented at?

Association Football (aka Soccer) was invented in England.

Where was soccer inventerd?

were was soccer invented

Who invented soccer and what year?

England invented soccer before 1900's i believe it was.

Was soccer invented in England?

No I don't think it was England,the country who invented soccer was Scotland

Who invented soccer cleats?

James Strogonaski invented the early soccer balls in the 1800s

When did the soccer invented?

It was invented at the time when native Americans Used deer skin and made it round and then they started kicking the ball. Then later on the Europeans came to America and saw the Native Americans play that game, the Europeans used to call it football, but in some countries its called soccer.

How has soccer been changed since it was invented?

Soccer has evolved a lot from when it was first invented. One way it has changed is that when soccer was first invented, there was not a system of yellow and red cards.

Who was the inventor of soccer?

I don't know the exact inventor of soccer, though what I do know, is that it was invented in England. I think it was a number of people who invented soccer and not just one person. Look at the question (on this site) Where Did Soccer Originate? I answered that question and it has more information on where it originated and the spread of soccer over the years from when it was invented. (I am not completely sure when soccer was invented though).

Where and when was soccer started?

Professional Soccer started in the late 1800's in England.

Who invent soccer?

the English invented soccer

When were soccer cleats invented?

when were cleats invented when were cleats invented

What state Of Italy was soccer invented?

Roman Italy invented the game we now call soccer or football.

Who invented soccer football?

Most people say that African men started it they'd use resources around them but instead of special soccer A.K.A. cleats they would use regular shoes. Then after about 94 years of America becoming a country they started it there! In England 1874 instead of calling "soccer" they decided to call it "football" when Americans heard of a second type of "football" they were told it's real name is soccer!

What sport was invented first soccer or football?


How did japan started playing soccer?

soccer was