How did japan started playing soccer?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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soccer was

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Q: How did japan started playing soccer?
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How old was Hope Solo when started playing soccer?

Hope was 5 when she started playing soccer

When was soccer played in England?

in 1170 it started and England is still playing soccer!

How old was david beckem when he started playing soccer?


How did Mia Hamm's career get started?

Mia Hamm started playing soccer to make friends and because her brother was playing.

How long has Taylor Twellman been playing soccer?

He started playong soccer in his youth (college)years in 1998 and started playing for his present team, New England Revolution, in 2001.

When did soccer become an international sport?

in the 1900's but USA started playing soccer in the 1970's

How old was Mia Hamm when she first started soccer?

Mia Hamm began playing soccer and other sports at the age of 6. Mia retired from playing soccer in 2004.

Who started playing soccer?

it was the roman not the English the English came after the roman

At what age messi started playing soccer?

3 years old

How old was Brett Holman when he first started playing soccer?


How old was Cristiano Ronaldo when he started playing proffesional soccer?


When did mia hamms brother and sister start playing soccer?

Her brother was playing before her and her sister started after her.