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Mark Spitz,

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Q: Who set the maximum number of gold medals in a single olympic games at the 1972 munich Olympics?
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When did Munich host the Olympic Games?

Munich Germany hosted the Olympics in 1972.

What athlete won four olympic medals in munich in 1936?


Who was the russian gymnast that stole the hearts of the crowds during the 1972 munich olympic games?

Olga Korbut was the Russian that dazzled crowds at the summer Munich Olympic Games of 1972. Korbut won three gold medals. She also competed in the 1976 Olympics.

What was the name of the Olympic athlete with most Gold medals won in a single Olympic Games?

Michael Phelps has won 8 gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Michael Phelps also matched his own record for most medals won in a single Olympics winning 8 in the 2004 Athens Olympics (6 Gold, 2 Bronze) and 8 Gold Medals in the Beijing Olympics. He also holds the Record for most Gold Medals ever won with 14. Mark Spitz held the record for most Gold Medals won in a single Olympic Games with 7 in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. That record was broken by Michale Phelps.

In what country was the Olympics when mark spitz won 7 medals?

Mark Spitz won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympics held in Munich, Germany.

Who won seven gold medals in swimming in 1972 Munich Olympics?

Mark Spitz.

What year did Shane gould win three gold medals at the munich Olympics?


Who won the second highest amount of gold medals at a single Olympic Games?

It was the American swimmer Mark Spitz in the 1972 Munich olympic games with 7 gold medals.

Which country won the most medals in the XX Olympic Games?

The USA has won 833 gold medals from the inception of the Olympic Games till the start of the 2000 Sydney Olympics ---- The country that won the most medals at the 20th Summer Olympics (1972 Munich) was the Soviet Union with 99 (50 gold, 27 silver, 22 bronze). The country that won the most medals at the 20th Winter Olympics (2006 Turin) was Germany with 29 (11 gold, 12 silver, 6 bronze).

What events took place in the 1972 munich Olympics?

Members of Israels Olympic Team were taken Hostage, and then killed in Munich.

Which country hosted the 1972 Olympic games?

Winter Olympics: Sapporo, Japan Summer Olympics: Munich, Germany

What Olympic games had Waldi the daschund as its mascot?

1972 Summer Olympics held in Munich.

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