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Members of Israels Olympic Team were taken Hostage, and then killed in Munich.

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Q: What events took place in the 1972 munich Olympics?
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What city did the 1972 Olympics took place?

Munich, West Germany.

What triangle events happend at the 1972 munich olympics?

santa shot my grandfathers clock

What year were the Munich Olympics?


When did the Munich Olympics happen?


When was munich Olympics held?


Site of the 1972 Olympics?

1972 Summer Olympics were in Munich, Germany. 1972 Winter Olympics were in Sapporo, Japan.

What year were eleven israeli athelets killed?

That sounds like the 1972 Olympics at Munich. That sounds like the 1972 Olympics at Munich.

In which years were the Berlin and Munich Olympics?

Berlin 1936 Munich 1972

When were the Olympics held in Munich Germany?


What year did Munich hold the Olympics?


Incidents that have occurred at the Olympics?

Munich Massacre occured in the 1972 olympics.

When did Munich host the Olympic Games?

Munich Germany hosted the Olympics in 1972.

Did terrorism effect the Olympics in 1972?

yes in munich

Where was the twentieth Olympics held?

1972 Munich Games.

In which German city were the 1972 Olympics held?


Where was 1972 Olympics held?

Munich, West Germany

What happened to the hostages taken at the munich Olympics?


During what major athletic competition did the Munich Massacre occur?

The Munich Massacre was during the Munich Summer Olympics in September 1972

Where did the 1974 summer Olympics take place?

There was no Olympics in 1974 (neither Summer nor Winter). The 1972 Summer Olympics took place in Munich, Germany. The 1972 Winter Olympics took place in Sapporo, Japan. The 1976 Summer Olympics took place in Montreal, Canada. The 1976 Winter Olympics took place in Innsbruck, Austria.

Tragic events in Munich?

In 1958 there was the Munich air disaster, when 20 people died in a crash of a plane that had the Manchester United Football team on it. In 1972 athletes were kidnapped at the Munich Olympics. 11 of them were killed.

What tragic events Happend in 1972?

The biggest tragedy was at the Munich Olympics were the PLO killed the entire Israeli team and also police.

What tragedy happended at the 1972 munich Olympics?

hostage taking

Where were the 1972 Summer Olympics Held?

Munich, East Germany.

What year were terrorists an issue?

That was the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

What city were the 1972 summer Olympics held?

Munich, Germany