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the referee....

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Q: Who sees that the rules are obeyed in tennis?
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How many table tennis rules are there?

there are 12 rules in table tennis

Are bat tennis and tennis rules the same?


What are the basic rules to tennis for high school students?

it is the same as the normal offical tennis rules.

What special rules are in tennis?

Some special rules made in tennis is that if the ball bounces on your box you will be out.

What are the rules and regulations on tennis?

There are so many rules in the Tennis if you want to learn that rules in a simply way follow that link there's a understandable article about tennis rules thank you.

What are the rules of table tennis?

You can find the rules for table tennis best by going to the website. Click on "Rules" on the menu bar.

What does strict means?

Demanding that rules concerning behavior are obeyed and observed

Is sacagawea bad?

no she was a nice shoeshoni princess who obeyed all the rules

Is there a word that means to follow the rules?

Obey (Obeyed); Comply (Complied)

What are the rules of table tennis in the Olympics?

The rules of table tennis used for the Olympic Games are the same as the table tennis rules used for all the other top International table tennis events. There are 15 basic rules plus many additional regulations.

The rules of the game tennis?

There are some rules in Tennis game. You can learn those Rules by following below link, there is a understandable and simple article about tennis rules that you can learn easily thank you.

What are the rules and regulations for table tennis in Olympics?

The rules and regulations for table tennis in Olympics are the same as for other major table tennis tournaments.

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