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It was Peeta Mellark .

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Q: Who scored the last three point try in English rugby league?
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WHO SCored last three point try in rugby league?

brett mullins

Who scored most points in English rugby league career?

probolly Kris radalinski or billy Boston

Which rugby player has scored the most points?

Rugby League = Hazem El Masri

Who scored the first 1 point drop goal in rugby league?

nigel stephenson Dewsbury v Australia 1974

Who has scored the most try in rugby league internationals?

Craig Richmond

How many are scored for a conversion in rugby?

2 points in union and in league

When did rugby league separate from rugby union?

rugby league was born in England in 1895 - it was at that point that it established itself as a separate entity from the RFU (and therefore the game of rugby union). It called itself the "Northern Union" (later called English RL).

Who has scored the most tries in history of rugby league?

brian bevan of warrington

How many points are scored for try in rugby?

Trys scored in the Union Code have 5 points and in League 4 points

Why is rugby union bad in your opinion?

Because in union you need no skill level (0%), unlike rugby league where you acually need to be fit, also there are less trys in union and point are mainly scored by kicking

Who made the most try in rugby league?

Most point scorer is: Hazem eL Marsi Most tries in a game (i've seen) : Brett Morris 5 against Sharks 2009 Most tries in Rugby League 2009: Brett Morris Most tries in Rugby League 2010: Akuila Uate - Shaun Kenny-Dowall Most point scored in 2010: Micheal Gordon

Who scored the first 4 point try in rugby league?

The first person to score the first ever 4 point try was Roy 'SHUNTO' Thomas and that's straight from the hrses mouth.

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