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The person who scored the American goal in the world cup match is Clint Dempsey.

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Q: Who scored the American goal in the world cup match against England 2010?
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How many goals were scored by Algeria in their match against England?

0, there was no goals scored at all.

Indian captain who scored century in his debut match against England?

Mohammad Azharuddin

England vs Slovenia match who scored the goal?

Jermain Defoe of England scored the goal.

Who scored the only hattrick in WC Final match?

It was scored by Geoff Hurst , in the 1966 world cup, held in England. It was against West Germany.

Who scored the first run of the first Cricket Test Match?

Charles Bannerman of the Australia scored the 'first run' of the first 'Cricket Test Match' against the England's bowler Alfred Shaw.

What is the most tries Ireland have scored in an International match and against which Country?

What is the most tries Ireland have scored in an International match and against which Country?

How many runs Rahul Dravid scored in the last Cricket match of his ODI career?

In his last ODI match, played against England, Rahul Dravid scored 69 runs on 79 balls.

Who scored first goal for England against Germany in the 1998 world cup?

There is no match between England and Germany in 1998 fifa world cup.

Who scored the first 'double century' in Test Cricket?

The first double-century in a Test match was scored by Australian Billy Murdoch against England at Oval in 1884.

What scores were scored in the first international cricket match?

The first recorded international cricket match was played in 1876/77 in Melbourne. It was a match between England and Australia. Australia scored 245 in the first innings England scored 196 in the first innings Australia scored 104 in the second innings England scored 108 in the second innings Thus Australia won the match by 45 runs.

Who hit the highest score in test match?

Brian Lara of West Indies scored the highest individual score in a test innings. He scored 400* against England in 2004.

Has Archie Thompson scored 13 goals against American Samoa?

Yes. Australia won the match 31-0.

Hayden highest score in test match?

Matthew Hayden once scored 380 in a Test match against Zimbabwe. That was a world record for a time, until Brian Lara knocked 400 not out against England.

Who scored the first century of the Test Cricket?

Charles Bannerman scored the first century for Australia against England on the first day of the first Test match on 15 March, 1877.

What is the most runs scored in a single over in a one day match of cricket?

36 by Yuvaraj Singh against England. The bowler Broad.

What is olympiacos' highest goals scored in one match?

It was in a match against fostiras. 11-0

Who scored for England in the match between England and Portugal in 1966 World Cup?

Bobby Charlton.

How many times has England scored over 700 runs in a Test Match?

England has scored above 700 runs thrice. First, against West Indies 849 in 1930. Second, against Australia 903/7 declared in 1938. Third, against India 710/7 declared in 2011.

What is the highest number of goals scored by a player in an international football match?

Oleg Salenko scored 5 against Cameroon in the Football World Cup in 1994 but there may have been someone who scored more in a non-world Cup match. Archie Thopmson scored 13 for Australia against American Samoa in 2001 in Australia's 21 - 0 World Cup Qualifier victory. This is the most number of goals scored by a single player in a International 'A' match.

Who made the first century in One Day Internationals?

Demis Amiss of England scored the first century of ODI against Australia in 1972 at Old Trafford. This was the second official ODI match. Amiss scored 103 runs for England.

Maiden century in cricket?

Charles Bannerman (Australia) scored the first century against England in the innaugral Test match. Charles Bannerman 165

Did Lionel messi scored with his head?

He scored with hand in a match against Espanyol in 2007,but it just accidentally.

Who scored a hat- trick for England when they won the world cup?

It was scored by Geoff hurst in the 1966 final match , where England beat West Germany.

Who scored in the England and kazakstan match on Saturday?

Ferdinand, Kuchma own goal, Rooney scored two and Defoe.

Which England striker never scored a goal in a international match?

Kaba diawara