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Milan last won the Champions league in 2007. In that match Filipo Inzaghi scored twice for them.

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Q: Who scored for milan in their last champions league triumph?
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How many clubs in the champions league has zlatan imbrahimavic scored for?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored for a record 6 clubs in the Champions league. He has scored for Ajax, Juventus, Inter MIlan, Barcelona, AC Milan and PSG.

Who has scored for 6 teams in champions league?

Hernan Crespo - Chelsea, Ac Milan, Inter Milan, Lazio & Parma.

How many champions league goals has shevchenko scored?

45 (Milan, Chelsea, Kiev)

Who has scored for five different clubs in the champions league?

Hernan Crespo - Chelsea, Ac Milan, Inter Milan, Lazio & Parma

Who scored consolation goal for Liverpool in 2007 champions league final against milan?

dirk kuyt

Who scored the second goal against ac milan in champions league final 2005?

Vladimír Šmicer

Who scored twice in last season's uefa champions league final?

It is the Argentinean Diego Militto for Inter Milan.

Who has scored highest number of hattricks in champions league?

Michael Owen (two for Liverpool and one for Manchester United and Filippo Inzaghi (two for Juventus and one for Milan) are the only players to have scored three hat-tricks in the Champions League.

How many players have scored for 5 different teams in the champions league?

It is Hernan Crespo wit Chelsea, A.c. Milan, Inter Milan, Lazio and with Pharma.

Who scored marseille only goal to win the champions league trophy?

Basile Boli scored the only goal when Marseille beat AC Milan in 1993.

How many times have ac Milan won champions league?

AC Milan have won the 2nd most amount of Champions League titles with 7 after Real Madrid C.F who have won a stagerring 9 Champions Leagues including the first ever 5!!!!!