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Steve howard

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Q: Who scored for leicester city against leeds united in the 20082009 season?
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How many points were scored last year by Leicester City in Football League One?

Leicester City scored 96 points during the 2008-09 season en route to its first Football League One crown.It was Leicester's first and only season in the third-tier division since its foundation in 1884.

How many games does Boston bruins have in the 20082009 season?


What is the Leicester City score against Oxford United?

The pre-season friendly match between Oxford United and Leicester City, played on July 24th finished 1 - 1. Goals were scored by Leicesters DJ Campbell and Oxfords James Constable. The match was played in front of 2,770 spectators.

Who has scored the most goals against everton in the premier league?

saha has scored the most goals of this season and the last season the person who scored the most goals is cahill.

What Does PF Mean in NFL Standings?

Points For, the cumulative number of points scored by a team for the season. PA, is Points Against, the cumulative number of points scored against a team for the season.

How many league goals has Chelsea ace Didier Drogba scored against Arsenal this season?

Drogba scored twice in both of the Arsenal fixtures in the 2009/10 season, for a season total against Arsenal of 4.

Which football club has won more trophes in the 20082009 season in the world?


Did Anaheim have the most rushing yards in this last season in the NFL 20082009?


What does PA and PF mean in NFL statistics?

Points Against (how many points their opponents have scored against them during the season), and Points For (how many points the team itself has scored during the season)

How many goals have been scored against arsenal this season?


How many goals has thierry Henry scored against Man United?

He has scored 7 goals against man u, the best his one against them in the 99/00 season

Who scored Manchester uniteds first goal last season?

In 2007/08 Paul Scholes scored the first United goal of the season in their second game of the season against Portsmouth in a 1-1 draw. In 2006/07 Louis Saha scored the first goal of the season, in the first game of the season against Fulham in a 5-1 thrashing,

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