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Q: Did Anaheim have the most rushing yards in this last season in the NFL 20082009?
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What Patriots player has the most rushing yards in a season?

Corey Dillon with 1635 rushing yards in 2004.

What were the most yards Jim Brown rushed for in a season?

1863 rushing yards in the 1963 season.

Who hold rushing yards in a season?

Herschel Walker

Who is the Miami Dolphins single season rushing leader?

Ricky Williams with 1853 rushing yards in the 2002 season.

What steeler had the most yards rushing during the regular season?

Barry Foster with 1690 rushing yards for the 1992 Steelers.

Single season rushing yards for a college quarterback?

Denard Robinson from the University of Michigan holds the record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season with 1,538 yards. Robinson also holds the record for most career rushing yards by a QB in NCAA history with 4,495 yards.

What 7 players have more than 25000 passing yards and 2500 rushing?

As of the 2008 season: 1) Randall Cunningham - 4,928 rushing yards and 29,979 passing yards 2) Steve Young - 4,239 rushing yards and 33,124 passing yards 3) Fran Tarkenton - 3,674 rushing yards and 47,003 passing yards 4) Steve McNair - 3,590 rushing yards and 31,304 passing yards 5) John Elway - 3,407 rushing yards and 51,475 passing yards 6) Donovan McNabb - (through 1 game of the 2008 season) 2,965 rushing yards and 25,765 passing yards 7) Jim Harbaugh - 2,787 rushing yards and 26,288 passing yards

What runningback has the most rushing yards in a 14 game season?

O.J. Simpson with 2003 rushing yards for the 1973 Buffalo Bills.

Who holds the Philadelphia Eagles record for rushing yards in a season?

As of the 2007 season, the Eagles single season rushing yardage record holder is Wilbert Montgomery who ran for 1,512 yards in 1979.

What is the all time rushing record?

Most rushing yards in a single game: Adrian Peterson, 296. Most rushing yards in a season: Eric Dickerson, 2,105. Most rushing yards in a career: Emmitt Smith, 18,355.

Who is the Tennessee Titans rushing leader for a season?

Chris Johnson, with 2,006 rushing yards in 2009.

How many rushing yards in a season did Eric Dickerson have?


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