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The Lakers and the Celtics played in the Finals that year, and the Lakers won 4-2.

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Q: Who played in the 1987 NBA finals?
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How many games were played in the 1998 NBA finals?

In the 1998 NBA finals 62 games were played.

How many games were there in the 1987 NBA championships?

6 games were played with the LA lakers defeating the Boston Celtics and winning the NBA finals

Who are coaches that played in the NBA finals and coached NBA finals teams?

Phil Jackson and Pat Riley

Who did the Cleveland cavaliers play in the NBA finals?

The Cavaliers played the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA finals and lost.

Is the NBA played in June of any year?

Yes, the NBA Finals are played in June.

How many NBA Finals did Michael Jordan win with the Bulls?

Michael Jordan won 6 NBA Finals with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan never lost a finals series. In all the NBA Finals series he played, he received the Finals MVP award.

Who was the 1987 NBA finals MVP?

The 1987 NBA finals MVP award went to Earvin "Magic" Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers. It was his third MVP award, having won the first two in 1980 and 1982.

What franchise has played in the most NBA finals since?

Los Angeles Lakers played 29 times in the NBA Finals while 20 times for the Boston Celtics.

Which franchise has played the most times in the NBA finals?

As of the end of the 2009-10 season, the Los Angeles Lakers lead the league in amount of NBA finals played with 31.

How many nba finals Los Angeles lakers played?

According to 2010, LAL got into 31 NBA Finals and won 16

What years did the Lakers beat the Celtics in the NBA championship?

The Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics in 6 games in the 1985 NBA Finals. They went on to beat them once again in the 1987 NBA Finals, also in 6 games.

How many championships has the Celtic played in?

The Celtics have played in 21 NBA Finals, and won 17 NBA Championships.

How many NBA finals have there been?

If you include the 2008 NBA Finals then there has been 62 NBA Finals.

Who won the 1920 NBA final?

In 1920 there were no NBA Finals. The NBA Finals officially started in 1947.

Who won the 1930 NBA Finals?

Some team that played their hearts out and deserved to win the 1930's NBA finals.

What NBA teams were in the 2006 NBA playoffs?

Dallas and heat played in the finals then the HEAT WON

Which teams played in the NBA finals in 2001?

The lakers and the nets

How many Games played in nba 2008 finals?


How many nba finals has lebron James played in?


How many NBA finals have Lebron James played in?


How many finals appearance have magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson played in 9 NBA finals, winning 5: Won: 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988 Lost: 1983, 1984, 1989, 1991

What teams played in the 1991 NBA Finals?

The Chicago Bulls played against the Los-Angeles Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals. The Bulls ended up defeating the Lakers 4 games to 1.

Who played in the 2008 NBA championship?

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers played in the = 2008 NBA Finals =

When was the first NBA finals?

The first NBA Finals were in 1955.

What year did NBA finals begin?

The NBA finals started in 1947 and was called the NBA World Championship Series until 1986 when the series was called the NBA finals.