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It is the Brazilian Pele.

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Q: Who played for three different national team in world cup?
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What player has played for three different teams in the world cup?


What National League team played in three World Series between 1980 and 1989?

The St. Louis Cardinals, who played in the 1982, 1985 and 1987 World Series.

How many times has the South African national team played in the world cup?

South Africa made three appearance in the world cup but never got past the first round.

What National Team was the World Champion in the world cup of 1986?

Argentina. Played in Mexico.

What two new York teams played in the World Series?

The New York Giants, Yankees, Mets, and the Brooklyn Dodgers all played in the World Series. The New York Yankees the only American league team had played all three New York National League teams in the World Series.

Which 6 National League teams have won the World Series?

There have been 13 different National League teams that have won the World Series.

Who played in the World Series of 1955?

The Brooklyn Dodgers, winner of the National League, defeated the New York Yankees, American League Champions, four games to three to become World Champions in 1955.

What are the release dates for A Different World - 1987 Three Girls Three 2-5?

A Different World - 1987 Three Girls Three 2-5 was released on: USA: 10 November 1988

Name ten England players who have played in three world cup finals?

The three footballers who played in three world cups are David Beckham, steven Gerrard and Gary neville.

What state has three of the five entrances to the oldest national park in the world?


Who played in 3 World Series with 3 different teams?

*Don Baylor has played three times in the World Series, in 1986 with the Red Sox, 1987 with the Twins, and 1988 with the Athletics. *Eric Hinske has played three times in the World Series, losing with the Rays in 2008 and winning with the Red Sox in 2007 and Yankees in 2009. Lonnie Smith played in four World Series with four different teams, 1980 with the Phillies, 1982 with the Cardinals, 1985 with the Royals, and 1991 and 1992 with the Braves. * did it in consecutive years

Who has played in four different World Cups?

The Brazilians Cafu and Ronaldo have played four world cups.

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