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paul ince

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Q: Who played football for Manchester united Liverpool and England?
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Who played the most at Wembley Liverpool Football Club or Manchester United Football Club?

Manchester united football club

Who is the only person to have played football for Everton Liverpool Manchester City and Manchester United?

Peter Beardsley

Has any football player played for Liverpool Manchester United Arsenal and Chelsea?

No,no one has played for Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal andChelsea.

Is there any football player who has played for Liverpool Man United and Arsenal?

Michael Owen has played for both liverpool and currently Manchester united

Who has played in the Manchester Liverpool and north London derbies?

Nicolas Anelka has played for Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

Which English football clubs as Nicolas anelka played for?

Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea

Which English football teams have played in the European Cup or Champions League?

alot but mostly LIVERPOOL and Manchester UNTD

Who has played in the north London potteries Manchester and Liverpool derbies?

who has played in the tyne+wear,north London,potteries,Manchester and Liverpool derbies

Which players have played in the Manchester derby Liverpool derby and the old firm derby?

Players that have played for Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Celtic and Rangers. Obviously.

Which Football players have played for 3 clubs including Manchester united Chelsea Liverpool or Barcelona?

Mark Hughes played for Man United, Chelsea and Barcelona. Bolo Zenden played for Chelsea, Barcelona and Liverpool

Who is the best Manchester united or Liverpool?

Liverpool and Manchester united are very close but Manchester united have played better over the last few seasons

Who is the best Liverpool or Manchester united?

Liverpool and Manchester united are very close but Manchester United have played better over the last few seasons

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