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just men.

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Q: Who participated in the first Olympics men and women?
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Who participated in ancient olympic games?

Men were the only ones who were allowed to participated in the ancient olympics. women were not allowed to participate because women were known to disrespect the gods. And that the men competed naked!

In all how many athletes compete in the winter Olympics?

At the 2006 Winter Games in Turin, 2,494 athletes participated (1,539 men and 955 women). Since the first Winter Games in 1924, 15,975 athletes have participated (12,030 men and 3,945 women) in all Winter Games.

Who participated in the Olympics game in the ancient Olympics?

Only men that were allowed to compete but women weren't allowed so men had to compete naked in Ancient Olympic

Who is the first filipino gymnast participated in the world Olympics?

Philippines first sent gymnasts to the Olympics in the 1964 Games in Tokyo. Fortunato Payao and Demetrio Pastrana competed in men's events and Evelyn Magluyan competed in women's events.

How many men and how many women athletes were in the first Olympics?

There were no women in the first Olympics.

Who played in the ancient Olympics?

The ancient Olympics began as entertainment for Ancient Greeks. When The Roman Empire captured Greece, they included the entire Roman Empire. Only men participated in The Olympics; however, women participated in local athletic events. Women just did not ride all over the countryside.

Olympics - London 1948 how many athletes participated?

There were 4104 athletes at the 1948 Games in London, 3714 men and 390 women.

How many men participated in the 1992 Summer Olympics?

Of the 9356 competitors in the 1992 Summer Olympics, 6652 were men.

How many men and how many women athletes were in the first Winter Olympics?

245 men, 13 women

Who participated for Zambia in swimming?

In the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Chisela Kanchela participated in the men's 100 meter breaststroke and Jakie Wellman in the women's 50 meter freestyle. Neither advanced to the medal round.

Who is on the Georgia team of swimming in the 2008 Olympics?

Irakli Revishvili participated in the men's 200 meter freestyle but did not advance to the semi-finals. Anna Salnikova participated in the women's 100 meter breaststroke but did not advance to the semi-finals.

How many events did India participate in 2012 Olympics?

India's 83 athletes or 60 men and 23 women participated in 13 sports and 55 events

Did women compete in the olpmpics?

At the first Olympics, women were not allowed to participate. The games were dedicated to Zeus, and were therefore meant for men. Now, women certainly do participate in the Olympics.

When and where was gymnastics first an olympic event?

Gymnastics were part of the Olympics as early as 1896, men were the athlete for women were not allowed to compete at the time. Men's gymnastics were popular enough to become a game in the Olympics. In 1928 were the women's first try at Olympic gymnastics. The first women's gymnastics were in Amsterdam.

What year was the first woman able to compete in the Olympics?

The first time that women were allowed to compete in the Olympics was in 1900, at the Paris games. There were a total of 975 men and 22 women athletes at the Olympics that year. The women competed in tennis, sailing, croquet, equestrianism and golf.

Who participated in the ancient Greek Olympics?

Men. Ancient Greeks.

Are there Olympics that men compete but women do not?

The first few and the ancient Olympic games.

How many countries participated in the greek Olympics?

In the original Greek Olympics only men from the city states that made up Greece were aloud to compete in the Olympics!

Who participated in the original Greek Olympics?

Only free native born men were allowed to participate or watched the ancient Greek Olympics.

How many people took part in the first Olympics?

93 men 80 women

What are the names of the athlete in Trinidad that participated in the Olympics?

Athletes names from Trinidad and Tobago can be found on the related link It was the nation's largest ever delegation sent to the Olympics, with a total of 30 athletes, 21 men and 9 women, in 6 sports. They won a Gold Medal for the Men's javelin throw and 3 Bronze Medals for Men's 400 metres, Men's 4 × 400m relay, and Men's 4 × 100m relay

When did women first participate in the Olympics?

Women first competed in Olympic events at the 1900 Games in Paris. Women's events were held in tennis and golf and women were allowed to compete in croquet on teams with men.

How many snowboard events are in the Olympics?

As of the 2006 Olympics there are six snowboarding events: men's and women's halfpipe, men's and women's parallel giant slalom, and men's and women's snowboard cross was new in 2006.

How many Olympic athletes participated in the London Olympics?

There are 10,960 athletes participating in the London Olympics. 6098 are men . 4862 are women.They are from 205 countries.

Who participated in the boycott of british goods in colonial America?

Thousands of ordinary men and women participated in the boycott of british goods.