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The smallest strikeout to at bat ratio is Joe Sewell who had 114 strikeouts in 7132 at bats. The highest is Rob Deer who had 1409 strikeouts in 3881 at bats.

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Q: Who owns the strike out to at bat ratio?
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If a batter holds the bat over the plate and does not swing or move the bat when pitch is thrown is it a strike?

That is considered a strike.

Can a batter who starts his at bat left hand and takes a strike can he go back and bat right handed in the same at bat?

Yes...but if he switches after the second strike and then hits a ball foul...the foul counts as a strike and he is out

What is the baseball rule when a batter is injured on a strike one foul ball and cannot continue his turn at bat?

A sub is put in for the injured player...the at bat is continued by the sub and begins his at bat with a one strike count......Anytime during an "AT BAT" the batter can be substituted for but the sub comes to bat with whatever the ball/strike count was of the player he replaced.

Does a strike out count as an at bat?

Yes it does count

When bunting in live baseball does the batter have to remove the bat from the strike zone t?

if the batter is in bunting position(with the bat over the plate) he needs to pull the bat back. Otherwise strike. And if he has 2 strikes and fouls off a bunt its considered strike three.

How do you use strike in a sentence for a third grader?

The baseball player swung his bat, hoping to strike the ball.

What is the average strikeout to at bat ratio?


Is an at bat get awarded to the batter on a dropped third strike?

Yes, it is scored as an official time at bat and a strikeout.

How do you get out of a diamond box with only a baseball a baseball bat and a automatic baseball pitcher?

Strike one! Strike two! Strike three! You're out!!

When at bat what is ball?

The pitch being outside of the strike zone

What did Babe Ruth do in his first at bat?

Type your answer here... strike out

If a hitter motions for a bunt and doesnt make contact and the pitch is a ball is the batter charged with a strike or ball?

if the batter doesnt pulll back the bat its considered a strike It depends If the bat passes the front of the plate then it is a strike If the bat stays behind the plate it is the ball It is determined the same way that a held swing is