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Q: Who originated the soccer football?
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Related questions

Who invented soccer and basketball?

soccer is the US term for originated in England

Did football originate from rugby?

Rugby originated from soccer (football)

Where did soccer a popular game originate?

Football or Soccer originated in England.

Was soccer originated in Europe?

Football/ Soccer was invented in England, which is part of Europe.

Is football connected to England?

English football (or soccer in American) originated in England.

What nation created soccer?

Soccer (some call it football) originated in England in the 1800s.

What is soccer's country of origin?

England is the country where football originated.

Why do people in the UK call football soccer?

They don't. Although the term "soccer" originated there, most places (including the UK) simply call it football. Only in places where another type of football is popular (American football, Gaelic football, Australian rules football, etc.) is the term "soccer" used.

What sport originated in Norway?

hockey soccer martial arts cycling skateboarding football handball

Where did soccer originate in kids terms?

Soccer originated in Derby, England. It was first played when a victory was won by England from the Russians. Of course, they called it football, not soccer. :)

What sports originated in Japan?

Soccer (football) has it's origins in Japan, although the English are responsible for laying down the original set of rules for the modern game. Edit: Soccer originated from China. Get your facts strait.

What Does FC mean in soccer?

fancy car --------------------------------------------------- It means football club, football because it originated in the UK and we call it football so hope it helped :)

When was soccer originated?

Not sure when, but I do know where. It originated in England, and I don't know how it originated, but a picture showed how people played it. It wasn't much like today's football games but it was similar. I hope this information helped somehow.

What city was soccer originated?

soccer was originated in England as a olympic as the Greeks

What is the origin of the word soccer?

It's from the word 'association' as in 'football association.'It originated in England with Association Football.

Are there any sports in the Olympics that originated in England?

Boxing, Football (soccer), rugby (returning 2016), Table Tennis, and Tennis.

Which country did soccer comes from?

Football games have been played worldwide and throughout history, dating back over a thousand years to ancient China. The modern football game called Soccer originated in England in the late 19th century.

Where is football originated from?

People have been playing kicking games for literally hundreds of years. The game we know as association football, or soccer, more or less began in 1863, with the founding of the Football Association in England.

What was soccer originated?

It originated in England

Who made the game of soccer?

Football originated in China ~ originally called Cuju, invented in the Song of specific unknown inventor But when it comes to the origin of modern soccer, which is England

Where is soccer originated from?

organized soccer is from UK

Which came first the rugby ball or soccer ball?

The soccer ball. Rugby originated when, in a game of soccer William Webb-Ellis picked up the football and started to run with it, players chased him and the crowd loved it and so it started. Thank you William.

How much does oxfam raise?

fOOTBALL Soccer FOOTBALL soccer Football soccer all around the world

When wikianswers come up with football in an american question do they mean football or soccer?

Americans call soccer soccer, and football football!

Were did soccer originated?

some games that are simalar to soccer has been played in roman times but then it fully originated in england.