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Q: Who many people can play on a lacrosse field?
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How many people can play lacrosse at a time?

12 on the field including goalie i believe

How many people play lacrosse worldwide?

how many people play lacrosse in the united states

How many people are needed to play lacrosse?

You need 10 people on the field at a time for each team. But it is always nice to have substitutes.

How many people play lacrosse?

6,000,000,000 people play this sport

How many people play lacrosse in the US?


How many canadians play lacrosse?

the exact answer is 2700 people play lacrosse you can check my answers out at kyras exact answers

How many people play lacrosse in Canada?

11 billion

What is a benefit of playing lacrosse?

There are many benefits to playing lacrosse like developing team skills. Lacrosse can also increase your strength and keep you in shape. The best thing about lacrosse is how much fun it is. There are many reasons that people play and it really works out for a lot of people.

How many are in a women's lacrosse team?

About 12 people are playing on the field (counting goalie)But on a team, there can be about 20-30 players. Of course, there will be people on the sidelines, not everyone can play the whole game, because lacrosse is such a fast-moving sport, and involves A LOT of running. I hope this answers your question!

How many people play Lacrosse in North America?

5 million

How many black people play in major league lacrosse?


How many people play in lacrosse?

Well it can vary but in normal outdoor lacrosse 10 people play at once. 3 midfielders 3 attack men, 3 Defense and 1 goalie (for each team)

How many players can play on a lacrosse field?

10 including the goalie... 3 attack 3 defence and 3 middie

How many people could play at once in lacrosse?

There are supposed to be 10 people on each team, but i guess if you play informally then you could play with more.

How many kids play lacrosse in the US?

How many kids play lacrosse in the US. Including rec, school and collegiate?

Where do people play lacrosse now?

They play on a feild.

What season do people play lacrosse?

Lacrosse can be played in fall and winter in indoor lacrosse, but it is mostly played in the spring and summer in outdoor lacrosse.

Do many woman and girls play lacrosse?

Yes alot of girls play lacrosse. I know that many club teams are acually becoming a sport for colleges over mens lacrosse.

What sport do they play in America?

Running Fred, football, lacrosse, baseball, hockey, field hockey, soccer, airsoft, paintball, and many more.

What sports do Nunavut people play?

They play Ice Hockey and Lacrosse alot

Someone called you a 'stick head' what does it mean?

Do you play lacrosse by any chance? There is a brand of lacrosse equipment called Stickhead, so if you play or love to watch lacrosse, that's probably the reference. If not, then the person was insulting you. Are you thin? Many thin people are called sticks.

Where do you play lacrosse?

Lacrosse is mostly played in the eastern area of the U.S but lacrosse will branch out and become a bigger sport in a few years.You play it on a field split in to 4 quarter's you will either play home and away just like football

How many high schools play lacrosse?

There are 46 states that offer lacrosse as a sport in high school. Pennsylvania alone has 90 high schools that play lacrosse.

Where do professionals play lacrosse?

The NLL (indoor lacrosse) and MLL (field lacrosse) both operate in many cities. Philadelphia, New York City, Denver, Toronto, Boston, Baltimore, Calgary, Rochester and many others have a team in one or both leagues. Go to the respective websites for each league for more information.

Why did first nations people play lacrosse?

they played lacrosse to show victory against their enemies . that's also why they used their enemies heads to play .