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There are supposed to be 10 people on each team, but i guess if you play informally then you could play with more.

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Q: How many people could play at once in lacrosse?
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How many people are there on a mens lacrosse team?

approximately 20, 10 on the field at once

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How many people play in lacrosse?

Well it can vary but in normal outdoor lacrosse 10 people play at once. 3 midfielders 3 attack men, 3 Defense and 1 goalie (for each team)

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Who scored the most points in a lacrosse game?

Micheal Powell once scored 89 points in a lacrosse game

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How many defenseman are on a single lacrosse team?

There are 3 defense players on the field at once but there can be an unlimited number of subs.

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How many players on at once in box lacrosse?

12 just like hockey 2 goalies and 10 other peoples

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Can you play baseball and lacrosse in high school?

At my high school we couldn't play two sports at once, but you should play Lacrosse, its more fun

How many players are on the lacrosse field at once?

10 for each team - 3 attack, 3 midfielder, 3 defense and 1 goalie.

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The best place to learn how to play lacrosse is on a team.but you can go on youtube and watch videos. If any body you see or heard that knows how to play lacrosse ask them how to play. Its really not that hard to do once you learn

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