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Basketball players

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Q: Who makes more money golf or basketball players?
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Golf and basketball which sport has more money?

basketball because a lot of players get out there rich than golf

What has the author Lew Fishman written?

Lew Fishman has written: 'The New York Knicks, pride of Gotham' -- subject(s): Basketball, Basketball players, Biography, New York Knickerbockers (Basketball team) 'Golf Magazine's Shortcuts to Better Golf'

Is basketball harder than golf or is golf harder than basketball?

golf is harder

What sport pays its players the most?

i think football or soccor ANSWER: I think, it's basketball, football, boxing and golf..

Most lucrative sports in the world?

Racing, boxing, golf, basketball, soccer, baseball - based on how much stars in these sports make in prize money, salaries and brand endorsements (sponsorship contracts) combined. Going purely by salary, top baseball players get paid the most, followed by auto racers and basketball players.

Biggest money making sport?

it depends what your good at if your really good at golf then golf is your money making sport and if it's hockey you still have to be good and same with football and soccer and basketball

Name of golf players with their county?

Name of golf players with their county?

Is basketball better than golf?

Basketball -

Who had the most money in sports?

I only know 2. LeBron James - Basketball Tiger Woods - Golf

What do you suppose Donald Trump does on the weekends?

golf sleeps in makes money spends money counts money travels

What is the origin of the golf terms 'Skin' or 'Skins' and 'Stob' or 'Staub'?

In golf, a skins event has players compete for prize money on each individual hole.

Was Michael Jordan successful at golf?

yes he is and he is good at basketball is originally was doing golf but now he does basketball

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