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Q: Who makes more money NFL or MLS?
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What pro sport makes the most money mls nba nfl MLB nhl?

MLB player gets more money.

Who makes more money the NFL or the NBA?


Who makes more money globally the NBA or the NFL?

I believe that the NFL makes more $$ because they are more popular.

Who makes more money a NFL player or a dentist?

Generally an NFL player.

Who makes more money nfl or MLB?

I think it is the mlb.

Who makes more money in NFL guard or tackle?


What is makes more money f1 or nfl?

fried chicken

Who makes more money zookeeper or nfl player?

NFL player? They make millions each game

Who makes more money out of all sports?

football players (NFL)

Who makes more money the NFL of the NCAAF?

nfl by a lot, most college teams don't make a profit

What professional sport makes more money The MLB or NFL or NBA?

The NHL makes the most, genius.

Which NFL player makes the most money?

the nfl player that makes the most money is Brett favre

Who makes more money Pro NFL football players or pro soccer players?


Who makes more money FIFA or NFL?

Soccer obcourse because its gets $100,000,000,000. While the Nfl gets 100,000,000 fifa soccer is better.

Who makes more NFL or AFL?

NFL by far!

Do nba players make more money than NFL?

NBA players make more money than NFL players because in the NBA there are more games and the more games you play the more money you make. So that is why the NBA players make more money than the NFL players.

Does a NBA player make more money than a NFL player?

Yes, on average, an NBA player makes about 5 million dollars a year. An NFL player however, makes only 770 thousand dollars a year on average.

What NFL team makes most money?


Which franchise makes more mlb or the NFL?

NFL by long shot!

Who makes more money MLB or NFL?

The median salary in the NFL in 2009 is roughly $770,000 The average salary per season paid to Major League Baseball players has topped the $3 million

Is mls in FIFA?

Yes what do u think. MLB is baseball right, and that what it is called in the game MLB Major League Baseball. In the NFL is National Football League but the video game is called Madden. John Madden made this game and he called it Madden,And thats a how lot better than NFL or National Football League. so the Major League Soccer or MLS for in fifa all realsports with real people, in realteam, andfor pro thatmake money is in a pro league is in a game that they make. So MLS is in fifa. fifa stands forFederation International Football Association just the name they call it to be for the game so what ever your friends say negitive about this they are lying tell them to look it up MyName is Corey Gallo and i love soccer... And Football im going to college for one of these sport but i want to be in the nfl for the packer im really good good enough to be a pro. But if packers reject me im going to MLS and i dont care what team it is im good the how soccer team said i should be in soccer. And i want to and im White. and out of a 1000 people in MLS, im inthat thousand that how good i am because for a pro league that make money that pretty good. so im good at both sport want to be in football more but people say i should be in soccer and plus in soccer i get the ball more and make more money. please comment me? And if this is MLS looking at this please watch me orput me in any kind of try out well im a freshmen in AHS andi will be onany sucky soccer that as long i can make a livingwith money on MLS that you.

How much money does a college football coach earn?

Joe Paterno makes 500,000 and Nick Saban makes 4 million a year. Coaches salaries range more than the nfl.

What nfl player makes the most money?

Philip Rivers of the Chargers

What nfl player makes the most money a year?

Ben roethlisberger

Are there professional teams or leagues?