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NFL by far!

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Q: Who makes more NFL or AFL?
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Who makes more money nrl or afl?


What year did the NFL and AFL merge?

1970 was the first season of the 'new' NFL that combined NFL and AFL teams.

How is an AFL football different from an NFL football?

Afl is kind ov like the minors NFL is more pro. unless your talking about the Australian Football League. then the answer is extremally different.

What year did the NFL and the AFL merge?

The AFL and NFL merged before the start of the 1970 season.

When were AFL and NFL formed?

The NFL began in 1920 and the AFL began in 1960. The two leagues merged in 1970.

How did NFL get their name?

Well im not sure how, but NFL stands for National Football League. There used to be the AFL (American Football League) but the NFL and AFL merged.

When did the Miami Dolphins join the NFL?

The Dolphins joined the NFL when the AFL-NFL merger took place prior to the 1970 season. The Dolphins first season in the AFL was 1966 and were a member of the AFL East Division from 1966-1969.

When did the NFL and the AFL start using the same size footballs?

When did the NFL and the AFL start using the same size footballs

What is the ratio of the NFL to AFL winning the super bowl?

AFL only played in four Super Bowls and were 2-2 other than that it has all been NFL. In 1970 AFL became the AFC and have won 19 and lost 22. NFL/NFC 23 - AFL/AFC 21

How long has the NFL and AFL been around?

150 years for afl

Who makes more money globally the NBA or the NFL?

I believe that the NFL makes more $$ because they are more popular.

Who played the first game between an AFL team and an NFL?

The Denver Broncos played in the first ever AFL-NFL game, and won.

What was the name before NFL?

Before the NFL they called it the AFL

In what year did the Kansas City Chiefs become an official NFL team?

The Chiefs became an NFL team in 1967 when the AFL merged with the NFL to become one league. They were one of the original AFL teams. They were still in the AFL until 1970, they won the Super bowl IV in 1970 as the last AFL team, the following year they joined the NFL as part of the AFC The Chiefs were originally named The Dallas Texans and was founded by Lamar Hunt as a member of the American Football League(AFL). The Chiefs relocated to Kansas City in 1963 and took the name that they have now. They then joined the NFL during the NFL-AFL merging in the year 1960.

When did the New England Patriots become an official NFL team?

In 1959, they started in the AFL though. They merged with all the other AFL teams to the NFL in 1970.

Is AFL Better Than NFL?


Who is the newest team in the AFL?

The American Football League (AFL) merged with the (NFL) after Super Bowl III in 1969. The most recent team to join the AFL was the Cincinnati Bengals in 1968. The American Football Conference (AFC) makes up half of the NFL, the other half being the National Football Conference (NFC). The most recent team to join the AFC was the Houston Texans in 2002.

What year did the AFL-NFL merger occur?

The AFL-NFL Merger took place in 1970 combining teams from the American football conference with the National Football Conference.

Were the Cleveland Browns in the AFL?

They were in a league called the All-America Football Conference prior to joining the NFL. After the AFL/NFL merger, they were placed into the American Football Conference.

Who makes more money the NFL or the NBA?


Who makes more money NFL or MLS?


What was the first Year the NFL has six divisions?

1970, the first year of the AFL-NFL merger. Prior to the merger and starting in 1967, there were six divisions in professional football ... 4 in the NFL and 2 in the AFL.

What is bigger Australia AFL field or US NFL?

The Australian AFL field is played on a cricket field, the US NFL field would fit inside this with room to move

When did the 2 point conversion rule come to the NFL?

The rule was adopted in 1994. Before the AFL/NFL merger, the AFL used it for its first ten seasons, from 1960-69.

Can you wear NFL gloves in AFL?