Who made the tutu for ballet?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Kai goodchild :) :D

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Q: Who made the tutu for ballet?
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What is a tutu in ballet?

a tutu is a skirt made of net or a stiff silky material that are worn by female ballet dancers

What do ballet dancing people wear?

Ballet tights made from spandex. The women wear tutu's as well sometimes.

What starts with t is a short tulle ballet skirt?

it is a tutu

Why do you use a tutu for ballet?

you can get them at target ok

What is a ballet skirt called?

It is called a tutu.

What is a long ballet skirt called?

a tutu

What is a name for a ballet dress?

a tutu? maybe

What are the puffy skirts called?

As in ballet? Tutu's.

What is a tutu?

A tutu is a short, decorative, often frilly, outer skirt worn by ballet dancers.

What would you be doing if you were wearing a tutu?

I'd dance ballet in it if I was only wearing Just a tutu.

Short tulle ballet skirt?

A short tulle ballet skirt is called a tutu.

What do you wear when you perform ballet?

Generally it is pink ballet tights with ballet shoes or pointe shoes, then a leotard/ballet dress or tutu.