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Q: Who made first century for Indian test cricket?
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Who made the first century for Indian test cricket?


Who made the first century in One Day Cricket for India?

Kapil Dev scored first Century in ODI for India. His score of 175* against Zimbabwe in 1983 Cricket World Cup is the first century by an Indian in ODI.

Who made 1st maiden century in international cricket?

suresh raina was the first indian to score a century against south africa

Who made first century in cricket?

Charles bannerman have scored the first century in cricket test matches.

First Indian cricketer who made first test century in cricket?

Lala Amarnath scored 118 runs against England in 1933

Who is the only cricketer who have made quadraple century in international cricket?

brian lara the legend of west indian cricket

Who is the first cricketer who made a century in test cricket for the first time?

Charles bannerman for the world wise player Lala amarnath as indian player

Who made first century in cricket in India?

kapil dev

Which Indian player made the century in t-20 cricket world cup?

Suresh raina scored the century against south africa

Who score first century in Pakistan cricket team?

Hanif Muhammad in 1956 made first century of Pakistan side.

Who made first century in Indian premier league by Indian?

Manish Pandey

The player of which country made first cricket century?

In all levels of professional cricket, the exact player who made the first century is likely to remain undiscovered, however the first man to make a century in international cricket was Charles Bannerman of Australia, in the very first test match ever. England vs Australia, Melbourne, 1887.

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