Who lost the superbowl the most times?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Who lost the superbowl the most times?
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How many time did the saints lost the super bowl?

0 times their 1-0 @ the superbowl

How many times have the Patriot's been to the super bowl?

The Patriots have been in six Super Bowls. They were in Superbowl XX (20) vs the Chicago Bears, and they lost 46-10. They were in Superbowl XXXI (31) vs the Green Bay Packers, and they lost 35-21. They were in Superbowl XXXVI (36) vs the St. Louis Rams, and won 20-17. They were in Superbowl XXXVIII (38) vs the Carolina Panthers, and won 32-29. They were in Superbowl XXXIX (39) vs the Philadelphia Eagles, and won 24-21 They were lastly in Superbowl XLI (42) vs the NY Giants, and they lost 17-14.

Who lost 2012 superbowl?

New England Patriots

What team has the most Super Bowl champion?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the superbowl 6 times

Which team is 5-0 in the Super Bowl?

San Francisco 49ers have the most superbowl wins with no losses at 5. The Steelers have the most wins with 6 but have lost 1. The Cowboys have been to the most superbowls 8 times total, with 5 wins and 3 losses.

What super bowl team lost the most regular season games?

1979 LOS ANGELES RAMS 9-7 - lost to the Steelers in Superbowl XIV 31-19

Who lost Super Bowl 40?

The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Superbowl 40.

Has Tom Brady ever lost a Super Bowl?

Yes, he lost in the 42nd superbowl to the Giants.

Who did the chiefs play at the Super Bowl?

The Minnesota Vikings.The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in Superbowl IV.

Who has one the most superbowl championships?

Pittsburgh Steelers. They have six. Won't be a seventh one this year, though, after they lost to the Broncos last Sunday.

How many times did the dolphins win the superbowl?

2 times

How many times have the Seahawks been to the playoffs in the past 10 years?

They have made the playoffs six times 1999-2009, with a record of 4-6; they reached Superbowl XL in 2005 but lost to the Steelers.