Who lit the torch in Vancouver?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Wayne Gretzy Lit The Olympic Torch IN Vancouver

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Q: Who lit the torch in Vancouver?
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Who lit the torch 2010?

Wayne Gretzy lit the torch at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

What is the name of the Olympic torch?

they have an olympic torch to represent each country in a different way each flicker of the flame is all the countries

Where was the torch lit?

the olympic torch was lit in greece

Where is the Olympic torch first lit?

the torch was first lit in Greece

Where in Greece is the Olympic torch lit?

in olympia, in greece that is where the olympic torch is lit

Who lit the 2010 olympmic torch?

Wayne Gretsky lit the Olympic torch.

Where was the first olympic torch lit?

The Olympic torch was first lit in Olympia with a mirror focusing the beam of the sun onto the torch.

Who lit the first Olympic torch lit?


Has anyone dropped the olympic torch?

Yes, the torch was dropped in North Vancouver during the 2010 relay In case the flame is ever extinguished there are 4-6 lanterns that have also been lit with the Olympic flame. These lanterns follow directly behind whoever is carrying the torch.

When was the torch lit?

it was lit in 1956 Melbourne Olympics

When is the torch lit?


Who lit the Olympic torch at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics?

Actress Maria Nafpliotou Source: