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Charles Barkley

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Q: Who lead the men's basketball team in scoring at the 1992 Olympics?
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Who was the last person to lead NCAA men's basketball in scoring and rebounding?

Kurt Thomas

Which two Detroit Pistons basketball players lead in NBA scoring?

Isiah Thomas and Kelly Tripuka

What year did Michael Jordan lead the Dream team at the Olympics?


Who is the champion in basketball in 2008 olympic?

The USA Basketball Team lead by Kobe Bryant and Lebron James won the 2008 Beijing Olympics Basketball Gold Medal.

Who was the first rookie to lead the NBA in scoring?

George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers with a 28.3 average for the 1948-49 season. The league was known as the Basketball Association of America at that time. The first rookie to lead the league in scoring when it was known, as it is today, as the National Basketball Association was Wilt Chamberlain who averaged 37.6 points in the 1959-60 season.

Which defenseman lead the NHL in scoring?

Bobby Orr

Who has lead in nba in scoring from 2001-2009?

Kobe Bryant

Who has lead the lakers in scoring the most times?

It is Kobe Bryant ofcourse.

Who lead the eagles in scoring in 2002?

Kicker David Akers with 133 points.

What brother combination has scored the most points in NCAA basketball history?

The Curry brothers-- Steph (Davidson) and Seth (currently at Duke) just passed the Hansbroughs for the all-time lead for brother scoring in NCAA history.

Who was the last Maple Leaf to lead the league in scoring?

The last Toronto Maple Leafs player to lead the NHL in scoring was Gordie Drillon in the 1937-38 season with 52 points (26 goals, 26 assists).

Who is the best player of 2010 in basketball in the us?

Of course Lebron James on the Cleveland cavaliers. He was second in scoring, among the leaders in rebounds, 6th in assists, and the a leader of the rest of the categories. He also lead his team to the best record in the NBA.

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