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Isiah Thomas and Kelly Tripuka

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Q: Which two Detroit Pistons basketball players lead in NBA scoring?
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What is the highest scoring basketball game in NBA history?

186 pts by the Detroit pistons

Highest scoring basketball game?

The highest scoring basketball game of all time was a game between the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets. The winning score was 370 points.

What is the highest scoring pro basketball final game in history?

I am not sure what you mean, but the highest score ever scored in nba were Detroit Pistons 186 def Denver Nuggets 184 in two OT Year 1983

When was the highest recorded scoring basketball game played?

The Denver Nuggets once scored 184 points in a game... and lost. On December 13, 1983, the Nuggets and the Detroit Pistons played a triple overtime game, with the Pistons winning 186-184. The teams' scores rank first and second all-time for most points by a team in one game. Four players topped 40 points, also a record. For Detroit, Isiah Thomas had 47 points, and John Long had 41. Kiki Vandeweghe scored 51 points, and Alex English finished with 47 for Denver. Summary: Denver and Pistons. 186(Pistons-184(Denver)

Which game had most point total in NBA basketball?

Pistons won a triple-overtime game against the Nuggets in a NBA highest scoring game of 186-184. Combined scoring 370 points.

What is the Highest scoring basketball game?

NCAA: On January 12, 1992, Troy defeated DeVry University (Atlanta) by the score of 258-141 NBA: Detroit Pistons (186) beat the Denver Nuggets (184) at Denver, Colorado, USA, on December 13, 1983.

What was the first scoring in basketball?

1-0 was the very first basketball scoring

Who led the Detroit pistons in scoring during the 2002-2003 nba playoffs?

Luke aldridge with three hundred and twenty-four points in a single game

What is the highest recorded score for a basketball game?

the nba's highest scoring game ever was the 184-186 Detroit vs denver game, Detroit able to get the win in triple overtime!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the highest score in NBA history?

Highest Scoring outing occurred on Dec. 13, 1983 Detroit Pistons beat the Denver Nuggets 186-184 in triple overtime

What is the highest scoring regulation time NBA game?

The highest scoring NBA game was playing in Denver, Colorado at McNichols arena. The Denver Nuggets lost at home to the Detroit Pistons 186-184.

Who was the only basketball player ever to win ncaa aba and nba scoring title?

No player ever won an National Collegiate Athletic Association scoring title, American Basketball Association scoring title, and National Basketball Association scoring title. ABA (1967-1976) scoring title winners were Connie Hawkins, Larry Jones, Spencer Haywood, Dan Issel, Charlie Scott, Julius Erving (three times), and George McGinnis. None of those players ever won a scoring title in the NBA.

What are the similarities between basketball and baseball in scoring?

They are virtually unrelated. The similarities would be they both have players trying to send a ball to a certain area.

How is scoring kept in basketball?

By a scoreboard.

What is better an assist or scoring in basketball?

Scoring because it makes you win better then to lose.

What are the scoring rules of Basketball?

it shold be a foul

What is the scoring team in basketball called?

The winner

In basketball where is the scoring zone?

anywhere you can shoot from

What is vital in scoring plays in basketball?


What three players led NCAA division 1 men's basketball in scoring and rebounding in the same year?

xavier mcdaniel , Kurt thomas and hank gathers

Top 100 most score made in NBA?

The highest scoring NBA game of all time was played by the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets. The final score of this December 13, 1983, game was 186 to 184.

What are two to four offensive players responsible for scoring goals called?

The offensive players responsivle for scoring goals are called strikers or forwards.

What do defenders do in basketball?

defend the opponent team from scoring

Was Dennis rodman ever a scoring champ?

No, Dennis Rodman was never a scoring champ. Although he did do a good job scoring in his time, he was never a scoring champ. There were other players more inclined to scoring.

What is the rule for Scoring on wrong basket in basketball?

The rule for scoring in the wrong basket is that the other team gets the point