Who is world champion in hockey?

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Wane Gretzky

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Q: Who is world champion in hockey?
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Which country recently world cup hockey champion?

The winner was Holland.

Which team is the world champion of hockey?

The most prestigious club championship in the world is the Stanley Cup, champion of the National Hockey League. However winners of the Stanley Cup are very rarely referred to as "World Champions." Other ice hockey leagues including Elitserien (known in English as the Swedish Elite League), SM-liga (Finnish league), Nationalliga A (Swiss League), the Kontinental Hockey League (Russia and satellite states) also designate a league champion, not a world champion. If your talking international competition, Ice Hockey has two main tournaments: An annual World Championship and the Olympic games (Every 4 years). The current world champion is the Czech Republic and the current Olympic champion is Canada.

Which team was the champion of Olympics Field Hockey from 1928 to 1960?

India remained the Olympic Champion of Field Hockey from 1928 to 1960.

Which country was Olympic hockey champion from 1928 until 1960?

India was the first olympic hockey champion since1928 AD to 1960 AD

Which cup is awarded to American hockey league champion?

The Stanley cup is awarded to the winner in American Hockey.

What is the name of the person who invented hockey helmet?

Swedish Ice Hockey champion, Sven Tumba invented the first hockey helmet, called the SPAPS-helmet

What is the world champion of chess called?

Chess World Champion

What has the author James Duplacey written?

James Duplacey has written: 'Centers (Hockey's Hottest)' 'Top Rookies (Hockey Superstars)' 'Defensemen (Hockey's Hottest)' 'The Stanley Cup' -- subject(s): Stanley Cup (Hockey), History 'History's Hottest Wingers (Hockey's Hottest)' 'Muhammad Ali' 'Hockey's Hottest Goalies (Hockey's Hottest)' 'The annotated rules of hockey' -- subject(s): Hockey, National Hockey League, Rules 'Hockey's Hottest Centers' 'Centers' 'Champion Defencemen (Hockey Superstars)' 'Muhammad Ali (Champion Sport Biographies)' 'Defensemen (The Hockey's Hottest Series)' 'The official rules of hockey' -- subject(s): History, Hockey, National Hockey League, Rules

What are the championship belts in WWE made of?

world heavyweight champion wwe champion intercomtinental champion wwe tag team champion world tag team champion ecw champion divas champion united states champion

Who is the best air hockey player in the world?

In early 2012 Billy Stubbs of Chicago, IL challenged Danny Hynes for the #1 spot and won hands down. Billy then proceeded to win the Las Vegas World Championships of Air Hockey in May 2012 as well as the Houston World Championships of Air Hockey in July 2012. Billy is now a 3 time world champion having won his first national title in 1995. OLD: Danny Hynes is a 10 time world champion and the current reigning champion as of June 2011. The record number of wins is by Jessie Doughty with 11 world championships. Tim Wisseman also has 10 world championships. No other players are even close.

Who is the tennis world champion 2011?

Djokovic is the 2011 world tennis champion.

When was The World's Champion created?

The World's Champion was created on 1922-02-25.

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