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The defending Formula One World Champion heading into the 2012 season is Sebastien Vettel of the Red Bull Racingchassis.

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Q: Who is world champion f1 driver?
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Spanish F1 racing driver world champion 2005?

Fernando Alonso

Who is the current F1 champion?

shomaker is the current F1 champion in the world.

Which racing driver is the current f1 champion?

The current F1 champion (2010) is Sebastien Vettel. He is almost certainly going to be the 2011 champion aswell.

Who is the 2009 world champion F1?

Britain's Jensen Button Was the F1 World Champion for 2009, leading from start to finish.

Who is niki lauda?

Niki is an Austrian former Formula One racing driver who was the F1 World Champion three times

Spanish formula one racing driver world champion?

Fernando Alonso is the first and the only Spanish Formula 1 driver to win the F1 world racing championships. He is a double world champion and won the title consecutively in the years 2005 and 2006 during which he had a great rivalry with the all time great of F1 Michael Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher was a World Champion of what?

Michael Schumacher won 7 World Championships in Formula One and is the most successfull F1 Driver ever.

Who Is Sebastian Vettle?

Current F1 World Champion.

Who is this Australian car racing driver and three-time F1 champion?

Sir Jack Brabham won three F1 World Championships; 1959, 1960 and 1966.He is the only driver to win a F1 World Championship (1966) while driving a self-constructed car, the BT19.He is from an Australian town of Hurstville, Sydney.

Who is the formula 1 world champion in 2009?

Jenson Button won the 2009 F1 World Championship.

Which year did World Champion Schumacher retired from F1 Racing?

2006 was his final year in F1.

Who is the current Formula 1 World Champion 2010?

The current F1 world champion is Sebastian Vettel from Germany. He is the youngest ever world champion.

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